Nintendo Switch Sports Cheat Code Unlocks a Legendary Character

Matt is the challenge you need to face!

Nintendo has recently revealed a new Nintendo Switch Sports cheat code that unlocks a new Legendary character.

Nintendo Switch Sports Unlocks Matt

The official Twitter account of Nintendo of America has recently revealed a new cheat code for players to enjoy in Nintendo Switch Sports. This is for those who already feel they have unlocked most of the content for the game. It adds a new character to challenge, the legendary character Matt.

Matt Code Unlock

In order to unlock this awesome challenge, players only need to press this sequence on the difficulty screen: ZR + R + A or ZL + L + →.

When used, this will unlock the Legend difficulty and will summon Matt. This will be available in the Nintendo Switch Sports Fencing mode.

Matt History

For those who are not familiar with this character, Matt is a recurring character from Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. He was the highest-difficulty AI player in Wii Sports’ Boxing and Wii Sports Resorts’ Chambara modes.

While Matt only appears in the Fencing mode, if the code is used on others, it will unlock the Legend difficulty and a Legend-level Mii character.

Nintendo Switch Sports is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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