Nioh 2 v1.17 Patch Notes Revealed

Game developer Team Ninja has released the latest update for popular video game Nioh 2.

Nioh 2

Patch version 1.17 was recently released on the PlayStation 4, which added some data to compliment the new DLC Darkness in the Capital. The new update adds the stone of difficulty, new onmyo magic skills, new hairstyle, and more.

Check out the full patch notes below already translated:

Nioh 2 v1.17 patch notes

content added in “darkness in the capital”

Added new story “darkness in the capital”
*To play “darkness in the capital”, you need to clear the main story.

Added new weapon “gauntlet”
*it will be available from the beginning

Higher difficulty mode can be played

  • Difficulty “dream of carnage”
  • Difficulty “dream of enlightenment”

Addition of new yokai , souls, and yokai techniques(notes do not go into detail)

  • Added new guardian spirit
  • Added new weapons, armor and accessories
  • Addition of new secret skills
  • Added new gestures
  • Added new trophies, titles and records

* Added special effects to equipment and picture scrolls that can be obtained in the dream of enlightenment.

Free update

New element/feature “Stone of Difficulty”
-It is a function that will be released when you clear the main story. You can receive “Stone of Difficulty” in exchange for small items, and while you have “Stone of Difficulty”, your enemies will become stronger and the drop rate of rare equipment will increase a little.

Added new onmyo magic skills(No details present)

Added new “hairstyle”, “face decoration” and “body decoration” to the appearance settings


  • Adjustments to onmyo
  • increased damage of “Fire Talisman”, “Water Talisman”, “Lightning Talisman”, “Fireshot Talisman”, “Watershot Talisman”, “lightingshot Talisman” “Fire shikigami”, “Lightning shikigami”, “Water shikigami”
  • reduced the cost and increased amount available for preparation of several onmyo magic items
  • Ninjutsu, and adjustments for ninjutsu items
  • increased damage to ninja feathers
  • “Iga-style gunpowder bomb”
  • Increased the number of parts
  • increased damage of horoku-dama and iga-style horoku-dama
  • lowered cost of “iga-style mega horoku-dama”
  • increased damage of “fire shuriken”
  • Increased damage of “makibishi” and “makibishi ball”
  • Lowered cost of “makibishi ball”
  • increases damage of “groundfire”
  • lowered cost and increased amount available for preparation for “smoke ball”
  • “eagle eye scroll” Adjusted downward so that when you shoot an arrow, the power of the raised arrow will decrease by a certain amount when continuing to aim(so from my understanding you can’t rapidly shot lvl 5 arrows but have to wait for the charge to go back up if you want max buff)
  • Adjustments related to soul charges and yokai abilities
  • increased the growth rate from soul fusion
  • lowered the push strength on “kasha”, so as to not push enemies great distances
  • lowered damage of “otakemaru”
  • Adjusted the following special effects of souls upward:
  1. “Quick attack damage” and “Dash power” of “Kamaitachi”
  2. “Damage from behind” of “Tesso”
  3. “Strong attack ki damage” of “Ubume”
  • Adjustments regarding player actions
  • Adjusted so that the quick attack of “Phantom” can easily hit enemies with large movements.
  • Miscellaneous Mission-related adjustments(not many details provided)
  • Slight adjustments and fixes to various effects and abnormal conditions(not many details provided)
  • Other adjustments
  • Changed to display as full instead of error, if the room becomes full and cannot be entered at the time of matching
  • Changed to be able to dispose of picture scrolls from the “Picture scroll list” screen
  • Changed to be able to select controller type custom initialization from controller types A to F
  • Changed to be able to apply level sync to all missions within the same difficulty level
  • Added “Confirmation during forging” item to the menu settings and changed so that confirmation during forging can be hidden.
  • Changed the special effects of equipment that appears in “Forging” of “Blacksmith” so that the result will be the same even if you quit the application and try again with the same procedure.
  • Reduced loading time when returning to the base screen
  • Adjusted to make the decoration of the helmet translucent so that the aim is easy to see when holding the large cylinder with the “caterpillar helmet” equipped.
  • Bug fixes

Nioh 2 is now available on PlayStation 4.

Source: Reddit