One Lonely Outpost Switch Release Date Details

When will we get a One Lonely Outpost Switch version? Find out more about the game's Switch release date using this guide.

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One Lonely Outpost had its early access launch for PC on June 26, 2023. As a Farming simulator game, being able to build up your own space colony can be really fun and all, but Nintendo fans may be wondering whether One Lonely Outpost will be coming to Switch. Find out more about the One Lonely Outpost Switch release date in this guide.

One Lonely Outpost Release Date: Switch

There is no official Switch release date for One Lonely Outpost as of yet. Freedom Games is planning to release the game for Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation on its 1.0 launch date. However, there is no exact timeline as to when this will be implemented. This is according to the game’s official Discord channel.

Early Access will only be available for PC, and we aren’t sure how long it will last, but once it’s complete, One Lonely Outpost 1.0 should be released. This means that we should see a Nintendo Switch port by the time the game is done with Early Access and is fully released. There is also no official full release date as of yet for One Lonely Outpost, so we’ll have to continue waiting for more.

Considering that there are backers who are asking for the Switch release, it’s unlikely that the developers will change their plans. But it is a possibility that they may hold on to a Switch release longer than the expected 1.0 release.

We’ll update this article once we have more news.

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