Overwatch 2 Nintendo Switch Version Might Get Some Technical Compromises


Game company Blizzard has recently revealed that the upcoming sequel Overwatch 2 on Nintendo Switch might not be fully the same with the other versions of the game.

During a recent Overwatch 2 AMA on Reddit, Blizzard’s development team answered some questions asked. They revealed that this sequel might be getting some technical compromises when it launches on the Nintendo Switch.

Blizzard’s John Lafleur stated, “As hardware has advanced since the launch of Overwatch, we are extending the OW2 engine with more high-end features. However, we’re also working hard to make sure all of our platforms get the best experience, even in PvE.”

Lafleur honestly revealed that OW2 on Nintendo Switch might not launch together with other platforms. He shared that it is a little challenging compared to other versions, which is why the compromises come in. This is the reason why some of the high-end visual enhancements might not appear on this version. What they are trying to focus on and make sure that will work will be the gameplay-related features and then add other features as much as possible.

Ovewatch 2 is still in development. It will be released on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. It was previously revealed that the game will now have 5 players per team.