Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals 11 PM – Go to Jacob’s House Guide

This guide goes through the events during 11 PM: Go to Jacob's House in Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals.

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Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals follows the story of Riley Poverly as she stumbles upon a strange phenomenon that has been creeping over her hometown. With the help of Jacob and Evelyn, Riley has to enact a plan that involves setting up transmitters over the area to stop the gate from opening and prevent reality from getting destroyed.

Read ahead as we go through the events of 11 PM – Go to Jacob’s House of Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals and share some tips on how to complete the chapters and find the collectibles.

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Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals 11 PM – Go to Jacob’s House Walkthrough

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals 11 PM - Go to Jacob's House Walkthrough 1

Follow Jacob as he suggests to take a detour over to his house in Berenson Creek. He will be sharing some details about the old lady from Edwards Island along the way who seems to be Maggie Adler, the same old lady referred to in the previous game.

As you arrive in his house, Jacob realizes that he doesn’t have the keys to his door.

How to enter Jacob’s House

How to enter Jacob's House - Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals 11 PM - Go to Jacob's House Walkthrough

While Jacob is working on picking the lock, go up the stairs to reach the upper deck. Inspect the door first which is also locked, then inspect the open window above. Head back down to the ladder and carry the ladder back up to the upper deck. You can then use the ladder to reach the open window and get inside the house.

Inside the room are several things that you can interact with such as the artworks and a picture of Jacob and his twin brother. The phone downstairs will start ringing, but it will hang up once you get close to it.

Once you get to the ground floor and into the garage, turn on the lights to see another sculpture and some radios over at the far side. Head back towards the left side and open the door to let Jacob in.

Jacob will then rummage through his belonging to look for more of his stuff that talks about the strange phenomena. He then confirms that the readings that he kept were written by Maggie Adler who studied the strange phenomena and the so called “gate” over at Edwards Island. There will be a number of dialogue options to choose from, but you can simply pick any that you want to go for.

You will then get a call from Evelyn who is anxious about any updates. Jacob will tell her that you both are working on the plan to use transmitters to interfere with the signals and close the gate. The problem is that the remaining transmitters are still inside the locked General Store, but Jacob knows a way to get inside.

Head back to the General Store

Head back to the General Store - Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals 11 PM - Go to Jacob's House Walkthrough

Make your way back to the General Store in Uptown Harbor and follow Jacob as he enters the store. While looking for the gear and transmitters, Jacob will nab some gum; you can decline or go along with it. Once you find the gear, have Jacob inspect it.

Next, you will have to set the transmitters on points that are at least 3,000 ft. high. Check the map and you can see that there are three points that you can go for: the Church of the Grand Architect, Charity Point, and Tootega Falls.

At this point, even though Jacob says that we can go off the beaten path, you won’t be able to get to Garland to get to the Church of the Grand Architect just yet until you get a certain item, so you can either do Charity Point or Tootega Falls first.

Channel 7 – Maria: About Olivia

Channel 7 - Maria: About Olivia - Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals 11 PM - Go to Jacob's House Walkthrough

If you have tuned in to the 88.1 station earlier in the game, you may get another call from Maria, the one operating the station. She will ask you if you have seen the three kids she’s referring to. Tell them you’ve seen them and she will reveal that the third kid’s name, the one you’ve encountered several times, is Olivia. Maria will also reveal that she’s friends with Violet and Charlie, but it all changed when they started hanging out with Olivia. your conversation is cut short as she goes back to work.


Since you’ll be taking the northern path to reach the three points, stop by the lookout deck above the the General Store to see your first collectible. You will find Collectible – Mel Chapman #2 near the flagpole.

Collectibles are letters that Maggie wrote that have been scattered all throughout Camena with the help of Jacob. You will usually see them on the ground as a sparkling item, and you can read these letters by pausing the game and going to the Collectibles menu. You will start seeing collectibles in certain parts of Camena at this point onwards, even at ones that you’ve been to before, so best to check or follow along with our guide.

Channel 3 – ???: Where’s Olivia?

Channel 3 - ???: Where's Olivia? - Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals 11 PM - Go to Jacob's House Walkthrough

As you make your way through Copper Creek Trail, you might get another transmission on a channel where someone is looking for Olivia Massell that then gets cut off. Jacob comments that she may be the same person that belongs to the Parentage, a known cult that operates in the town.

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