Payday 3: Dirty Ice Overkill Heist Guide

Completing the Dirty Ice Heist in Overkill mode is a big challenge, even for seasoned Payday 3 players. The hardest difficulty of the game offers a lot of changes that make completing the heist more difficult but offer more rewards for those daring enough. He who dares wins, so if you want the biggest rewards for completing Dirty Ice on Overkill, you’ll want to stick with us.

On this guide, we’ll teach you how to complete the Dirty Ice heist on Overkill difficulty in Payday 3.

How to Complete Dirty Ice on Overkill Difficulty in Payday 3

The best way to complete Dirty Ice on Overkill is by taking the stealth route. This ensures you get all the diamonds without being interrupted by nonstop police who are buffed up thanks to Overkill difficulty. Overkill is also best done with a group of four players who are each cooperating with each other.

Before you attempt Dirty Ice on Overkill, you should first grind until you can spend points on skills. Your team should have at least one Hacker, one Infiltrators, and two players dedicated to fighting the police when the heat comes. This will be entirely different than the regular Dirty Ice heist you’re used to.

Overkill spices things up by making cameras indestructible and by adding a single lead guard with infinite radio loops. Taking out this guard will inevitably alert the police because the radio will call every 30 seconds. Avoid this guard at all costs.

Disable the Cameras

The first thing you need to focus on is by disabling all the cameras on the venue. Unlike easier difficulties, you cannot just shoot them because they’re indestructible on Overkill mode. However the cameras are still vulnerable to your hacker, especially if you have the skill which lets you loop camera feed allowing for the two Infiltrators to sneak by.

The security room to disable the cameras is located in the basement. However to get there you need two things: the PIN code for the door and the blue keycard. The location of the PIN code can be found on the manager’s computer which will tell you if it’s either on the whiteboard lounge, on the employee of the month ID in front of the jewelry store, or on the book in the VIP showroom. The PIN code will always be different per playthrough.

While this is happening, your infiltrators should be looking for QR codes as well. You’ll need these to get into the VIP showroom where the jewels you need to steal are in. The PIN code for the basement door might also be inside.

Next, you’ll have to look for the blue keycard which is on one of the guards. You’ll have to pickpocket it when their backs are turned. It’s usually the guard who patrols the hallway between the VIP showroom and manager’s office who has this blue keycard. After taking it, you have all you need to disable the cameras for good.

Security Room

Once you find your way inside the basement, watch out for the guard patrolling it. Try to get past him without taking him out if possible. Use the blue keycard to open the door to the security room and take out the guard inside. This disables the cameras from detecting your location. When you leave, make sure that the door is closed.

Rob the Jewelry Store

Now get to the other room in the basement where you’ll find the red keycard, a safe, and the switch to disable the alarm in the VIP showroom. Get those and then head back upstairs and into the VIP showroom.

Get near the Jewelry Workshop and Shade will contact you regarding the lock. You need to call the manager from the front of the store into the back. Go to the manager’s office and interact with the phone. After a short talk with Shade, the manager will come to the back via the VIP showroom.

Grab her and then shove her into the retina scan of the Jewelry Workshop. Tie her up after and then take the jewels from the VIP showroom and shove them inside the scanner in that room. This will filter through the jewels allowing you to have more cash rewards at the end of the heist. The scan will take a while to finish.

Scanning jewelry

In the meantime get the rare stones in the hallway. Grab the manager and go to the manager’s room. Shove her into the button and then go back to the hallway in front of the vault. Interact with the keycard slot to open the vault and then go back and tie the manager. Afterwards, secure the optional rare stones from behind this vault.

Escape the Jewelry Store

Once you have the jewels, the van will appear in the back alley. You can haul the jewelry there and throw them into the back of the van. Beware of the guard patrolling behind the fence and the civilian behind the boxes. You can subdue the civilian and tie them up so they don’t cause trouble.

Escape the Jewelry Store

After throwing all the jewels into the van, you can complete the Dirty Ice heist on Overkill difficulty. However this won’t earn you the Cleanin’ It Out trophy. If you’re looking to earn this trophy, you’ll have to get all the jewels which include the ones at the front of the store. There are 8 jewels at the front of the store and 5 in the VIP showroom.

Instead of throwing the jewels into the van, you’ll have to store them somewhere where the police can’t get to them. We recommend putting them in the Jewelry Workshop for the time being. When you’re prepared, rob the store outside and get the jewels there and then scan them in the Jewelry Workshop. You will have to fight off the police so you’ll need those two players who have skills capable of fighting the police.

Once all the bags are cleaned, signal the chopper on the rooftop in the other building. Once the chopper arrives, you’ll need to haul all the bags into the designated spot before extracting. This will earn you the Cleanin’ It Out trophy.