How to Grab an Executive in Payday 3

Learn to grab Payday 3 executives at gunpoint in this guide. Take control of the corruption!

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In a world like Payday 3, being an executive is one of the most corrupt positions you could possibly hold. Don’t worry, because you can also grab and hold them to force them to do your bidding at gunpoint. This guide will teach you how to grab executives in Payday 3.

How do you Grab an Executive in Payday 3?

You can grab an executive by taking them as human shields after telling them to get down by either marking them or hitting them with a melee. You can then drag them around and shove them to let go. They act as regular civilian NPCs, so they won’t radio security upon being grabbed.

You’ll find out who the executive is because Shade will contact you if you spot them. They’re usually wearing a suit that looks expensive compared to everyone else. Be careful not to shoot them, as they can die if you do.

Grabbing executives can be a risky move as you need to have your mask on, which makes everyone suspicious of you. Thankfully, the civilians are easy enough to pacify by tying their hands after getting them to get down. We recommend just using melee on them instead of marking them since it’s faster and gets the point across.

The first time you’re asked to grab an executive is in the No Rest for the Wicked heist, since you need him to open the vault and get the vault code. It’s one of the last steps in the stealth route of your first heist. You’ll also need to do this on a stealth run of the Dirty Ice heist to get the executive to open the jewelry workshop.

In No Rest for the Wicked, there’s an executive in the manager’s office, which is across the conference room on the first floor. There’s also an executive in the front lobby of the SCB Bank, but there’s too many people to get to him. In the Dirty Ice heist, the executive is in front of the jewelry store, but you can lure her to the back by blackmailing her with the documents in the basement.

After grabbing the executive, shove them to the retina scanner to have them unlock something for you. Even if you tie their hands prior to grabbing them, they’ll be untied the moment you shove them, so make sure to tie their hands again so they don’t run and call for the police.

Now you know how to grab an executive in Payday 3. According to the game’s lore, they’re one of the biggest scumbags around the world, so don’t feel too sorry for using them like that.