Payday 3 Developers Announce Server Maintenance to Address Game Issues

Payday 3 downtime and server status

Payday 3 Developers Announce Server Maintenance to Address Game Issues

Payday 3 developers have revealed plans for crucial server maintenance this weekend to tackle ongoing issues with the game’s performance. In a tweet posted on September 26th, the developers explained that these upgrades aim to improve server stability and matchmaking. To facilitate these improvements, the game’s service will be temporarily offline from 8 am to 11 am CEST on both Tuesday, September 26 and Friday, September 29, 2023.

The scheduled maintenance will affect Payday 3 players in various time zones, including:

2PM and 5PM CST
7AM and 10AM BST
2AM and 5AM EDT
11PM and 2AM PDT

This significant maintenance announcement follows the rocky launch of Payday 3, which faced criticism due to poor performance and connectivity problems. These issues have hindered players from enjoying the game fully.

Recently, the CEO of Starbreeze, the company behind Payday, took to Twitter to apologize for the game’s turbulent launch. He promised players that Payday 3 would receive extensive improvements to ensure a smoother gaming experience.

As of now, Payday 3 has peaked at just 35,000 concurrent players in the past 24 hours, which is significantly lower than its launch weekend peak. In contrast, Payday 2, a game over a decade old, has achieved a higher peak of 39,000 concurrent players. This stark difference in player counts raises questions about Payday 3’s future, even after resolving its issues.

While the upcoming maintenance’s success remains uncertain, despite declining player counts, there’s still hope for Payday 3 to recover from its lackluster launch.

Payday 3 Server Status

To stay updated on Payday 3 server status and maintenance info, you can follow the Payday 3 X (formerly Twitter) account for the latest updates. Or you can also visit the official Payday Support site for a list of all known game issues and FAQs. While Payday 3 matchmaking issues are persistent until resolved by Starbreeze, let’s all keep an eye on their social media for updates.