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Persona 3 Portable brought out one of the best storylines in the JRPG genre during the Playstation 2 and Playstation Portable era. With a unique line of characters in the game, the series has made its way to many forms of entertainment from comics to anime and even a spin-off series. One character that players can interact with is Fuuka and not only is she in the game, but she is also a playable character that has an important role to fill in. As such, this guide will teach players more about who she is, so read on.

Who is Fuuka in Persona 3 Portable?

Fuuka is one of the main characters from Persona 3 and is a student at Gekkoukan High School and also a member of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad. Her Arcana is the Priestess and her main Persona is Lucia of Syracuse.

Who is Fuuka in Persona 3 Portable

In the game, Fuuka is one of the girls that the protagonist can date over the course of the game. Since dating Fuuka involves tasting her horrible cooking, the protagonist must maximize his Courage to a “badass” statistic before he can ask her out. If the protagonist makes the correct choices, Fuuka will fall in love with him, and he can help her to become more comfortable with who she is. But if players chose the female protagonist, the link will only require a Courage stat of 2.

Fuuka Social Link in Persona 3 Portable

Players can interact with Fuuka’s Social Link as early as June 15. If her social link is maxed out, she will give players Headphones that enable the fusion of Scathach and the ability to cook during School Club days exclusive to the female protagonist. She is usually available to interact on the morning (Monday, Thursday, and Saturday of the week).

Fuuka Social Link in Persona 3 Portable

Interacting with her with the right conversation choices will improve her relationship and increase her social link. Below are conversations and choices that players should use for Fuuka’s social link:

  • Rank 1a: How is it?
    • It’s not quite right…
  • Rank 1b: “So, h-how about it? …Would it be too much trouble?”
    • Okay, I’ll join!
  • Rank 2a: Fukka is muttering to herself…
    • Do you need any help?
  • Rank 2b: …..
    • What is This?
  • Rank 3a: “So, you can relax a little too, -chan.”
    • Let’s do our best.
  • Rank 3b: “D-Does that make me seem weird?”
    • Of course not.
  • Rank 3c: “…Th-Thank goodness! They look really delicious.”
    • I’ll give you some
  • Rank 3d: “I guess… I’m no match for our leader…”
    • There’s always next time.
  • Rank 4a: “If only there was something I was actually good at…”
    • You’re good with machines.
  • Rank 4b: “I want to find something that only I can do… Something that people would rely on me for…”
    • I’ll help you find it!
  • Rank 5a: “D-Do you think I can make something that difficult…?”
    • Let’s make it together.
  • Rank 5b: ..Fuuka started dumping sugar into the sifter.
    • That’s sugar.
  • Rank 5c: “…Should I use my hands to mix it in? I know that you use your hands when making hamburger patties.”
    • Use a whisk
  • Rank 5d: “…Whenever I try that…”
    • You did your best, too.
  • Rank 6a: You should try making one of the sweets you’ve made previously…
    • Banana Cupcake
  • Rank 6b: “H-How is it…?”
    • You really did your best.
  • Rank 7a: “What are you going to make, -chan?”
    • Sugar Cookie
  • Rank 7b: “Seriously… I’m hopeless at everything…”
    • Just try harder next time
  • Rank 7c: “But what should I do with this…? It’s so much rice… It would be such a shame to waste it all.”
    • It’s still edible
  • Rank 8a: “Why are you always so positive?”
    • I believe in myself.
  • Rank 8b: “I want to be with you, -kun…”
    • I want to be with you too.
  • Rank 9a: “I was so happy to hear that I started to cry…”
    • That’s great
  • Rank 9b: “You feel the same…?”
    • Hug her
  • Rank 10a: “Sorry… I don’t know what I’m saying… I’m acting weird, aren’t I?”
    • You seem like yourself
  • Rank 10b: “With you by my side… I don’t think I’ll be confused anymore.”
    • I’ll be by your side.
  • Rank 10c: “…Sorry, I’m not very feminine, am I…?”
    • I love the headphones!
Fuuka Persona in P3P

Fuuka Persona in P3P

Fuuka’s Persona is known as Lucia and unlike the other Persona of her fellow classmates, hers doesn’t engage in combat much but serves more as a Navigator. As she grows stronger, she supports her fellow party members by doing the following effects:

  • Innate: Full Analysis: Displays detailed enemy information (stats, resistances, and skills).
  • Lvl 23: Support Scan: Displays all buffs and debuffs currently in effect.
  • Lvl 32: Third Eye: Increases information displayed on the target
  • Lvl 41: Healing Wave: Party recovers 15% HP when ascending to the next floor.

When Fuuka’s Social Link is at max, her persona will evolve into Juno. As this persona evolves, she will inherit Lucia’s skills and will be able to unlock new skills as well.

  • Lvl 50: Oracle: Causes one of the following effects:
    • HP restored
    • SP restored. 
    • HP and SP restored
    • All status ailments cured
    • HP and SP reduced to 1
  • Lvl 72: Escape Route: Return to the entrance of Tartarus

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