Persona 3 Portable Junpei Guide

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Junpei is one of the characters in Persona 3 Portable that players will interact with and use. He has a set of skills that will prove to be useful in the game and building a relationship with him will show tons of benefits. In this guide, players will learn more about him, so read on.

Who is Junpei in Persona 3 Portable?

Junpei is a student at Gekkoukan High School and a member of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad. His Arcana is the Magician and his main Persona is Hermes.

He fancies himself a ladies’ man and frequently tries to hit on girls, with little to no success. Despite this, he is capable of being kind and caring, and he often cracks jokes and calls people “dudes” to make them feel better. Players can interact with Junpei on April 23rd of the game during the day at the 1F Classroom of Gekkoukan.

Junpei Social Link in Persona 3 Portable

Junpei Social Link in Persona 3 Portable

Junpei usually is available during the day from Tuesday to Thursday at the 1F Classroom of Gekkoukan. If players maxed out their social link with him, Junpei will give the protagonist a Pig Key Holder which enables the fusion of Surt.

Interacting with her with the right conversation choices will improve his relationship and increase his social link. Below are conversations and choices that players should use for Junpei’s social link:

  • Rank 1:
    • I know someplace that’s really good! It’ll be my treat! C’mon, let’s go!
      • A: Man, you’re pushy…
    • Umm… Alright! We’ll have two specials!
      • That sounds good.
    • It’s really quite delicious.
      • I’ve never had anything like this.
    • Still… Girls and guys livin’ in the same dorm, huh? That can’t be good.
      • What are you thinking about?
  • Rank 2:
    • Junpei’s eyes are lit up…
      • C’mon, let’s go in!
    • There are a lot of dudes who envy me because of that…
      • I’m… sorry?
  • Rank 3:
    • Junpei seems a little embarrassed…
      • Where do guy friends go?
    • He probably roasts them all differently using special waters for each type…
      • You know a lot about coffee.
    • Oh yeah, what did you order,?
      • Hot cocoa
    • Haha, it’d be something right out of a manga.
      • Maybe I should give it a try, then.
  • Rank 4:
    • ..Uh, what do you want to eat?
      • Ramen!
    • That dude’s completely wasted… It’s broad daylight, dammit..
      • Do you think he’s okay?
    • Junpei looks disgusted.
      • Did something happen, Mister?
    • There have to be some parents that their kids would be better off without…
      • That’s not true!
  • Rank 5:
    • Junpei is awfully generous..
      • Thanks for the food!
    • Junpei seems relieved for some reason…
      • What do you mean?
    • I think whoever took the pictures was aiming specifically at you.
      • That’s disturbing…
  • Rank 6:
    • -san, mind if we take a picture together?
      • Sure.
    • Going around…? What photo is it?
      • It’s a picture of me.
    • Junpei asks you quietly…
      • I can trust him.
    • I’ll try asking my guy friends again, too. Wait right here.
      • Thanks.
  • Rank 7:
    • You might be fine now, but you don’t wanna be a tub in ten years, you know?
      • Look who’s talking.
    • Junpei seems to stare off into the distance…
      • You’ll be a great man.
    • Junpei mutters as if to himself…
      • Your brown-nosing abilities?
    • Like, do you ever think about what you can do…?
      • Sometimes…
  • Rank 8:
    • Man, I’m sorry. I just can’t figure this homework out by myself…
      • Ask me anything.
    • Alright, I’m gonna do this today! I’m gonna overcome my fear of math!
      • You’re on fire!
    • Haha!
      • You actually did it.
    • I guess… f-friends are important, after all..
      • I think I understand.
    • Junpei jumps to his feet!
      • I’m coming too!
    • Well, I’ve seen his face, so it’s okay. You just leave him to me.
      • You don’t need to do anything.
  • Rank 9:
    • …It’s just a punch.
      • Did you get in a fight?
    • I don’t think there’s going to be any more photos of you going around.
      • I think… this is my first time.
    • …..
      • Junpei…
  • Rank 10:
    • Ugh, I’m no good at this… Where do I start?
      • Start what?
Junpei's Persona in P3P - Persona 3 Portable

Junpei’s Persona in P3P

Junpei’s Persona is known as Hermes. Based on the stats and skills this Persona has, it is strong when using fire skills and buff party members’ defense stats as well. He is although strong against Fire attacks, he is weak against Wind skills. Below are all the skills that Hermes will earn when Junpei levels up:

  • Innate: Cleave: Deals Light Slash damage to one Foe
  • Lvl. 5: Agi: Deals light Fire damage to one foe.
  • Lvl. 7: Re Patra: Assists 1 ally who’s been Knocked Down.
  • Lvl 9: Rakukaja: Increases 1 ally’s Defense.
  • Lvl 18: Assault Dive: Deals light Strike damage to one foe.
  • Lvl 20: Double Fangs: Deals light Pierce damage to one foe. (2 hits)
  • Lvl 25: Kill Rush: Deals Light Strike damage to one foe (1-3 hits)
  • Lvl 32: Agilao: Deal Medium Fire damage to one foe
  • Lvl 35: Counter: Counter physical attacks (low odds). (15% chance)
  • Lvl 40: Torrent Shot: Deals light Pierce damage to one foe. (2-4 hits)
  • Lvl 44: Marakukaja: Increases party’s Defense.
  • Lvl 45: Counterstrike: Counter physical attacks (med odds). (30% chance)
  • Lvl 50: Blade of Fury: Deals medium Slash damage to all foes. (2-4 hits)
  • Lvl 55: Gigantic Fist: Deals heavy Strike damage to one foe.

When Junpei’s Social Link is at max, his persona will evolve into Trismegistus. As this persona evolves, he will inherit Hermes’ skills and will be able to unlock new skills as well.

  • Lvl 58: High Counter: Counter physical attacks (high odds). (50% chance)
  • Lvl 64: Agidyne: Deals heavy Fire damage to one foe.
  • Lvl 65: Deathbound: Deals heavy Slash damage to all foes.
  • Lvl 75: Vorpal Blade: Deals heavy Slash damage to all foes. (1.5x “Great” condition bonus)

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