Persona 5 Royal and Strikers Soundtracks Are Now Available on Spotify

Throw Away Your Mask and put on your headphones

Persona 5 Royal Spotify Featured Image

If there is anything we can all unanimously agree, it’s that the Persona 5 soundtracks are phenomenal. Subscribers of the Spotify service can now listen to Persona 5 Royal and Persona 5 Striker soundtracks on its platform. Much to the joy of its fans.

Both Persona 5 albums are quite lengthy, over an hour each for both Royal and Strikers. So you’ll have plenty to listen to. Each album features some of the best soundtracks in gaming, which includes the regular battles and bosses encountered in both Persona games.

The announcement was made by the official ATLUS West Twitter account.

Last year in 2021, we got the soundtracks listed from the vanilla Persona 5 but it’s taken a while to get the full collection from its extended installments. You can now listen to ad-free music from Persona 5 Royal and Strikers without interruption.

Fans will finally be able to listen to the official full version of Colors Flying High which hasn’t been released until now. That’s quite a long while, considering that Persona 5 Royal was released back in March 2019 for the rest of the world. That’s nearly 3 years of waiting for the song to release.

Persona 5 Strikers Spotify

For just $10 USD per month, you can listen to ad-free music on Spotify which includes an excellent selection of phenomenal soundtracks from the Persona franchise. The price may vary depending on where you are so you may get the subscription service for cheaper.

I had the pleasure of listening to these soundtracks for myself and I personally consider them to be one of the best in gaming. It’s one of the reasons why it’s such a blast to play through this 100 hour game without ever getting bored. For my review of Persona 5 Royal, click here.

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