Phasmophobia: 42 Edgefield Road Cursed Item Locations

A complete guide that shows all Cursed Item Spawn Locations for the 42 Edgefield Road map in Phasmophobia. (Updated v0.9.6.1)

Phasmophobia 42 Edgefield Road Cursed Item Locations cover

In Phasmophobia, 42 Edgefield Road is one of the small maps where cursed items are placed in different locations within the house. Cursed items are powerful objects that can be used for identifying the ghost, triggering events, or even completing optional challenges. Keep in mind, only one cursed item will appear per investigation by default, and there are currently 7 cursed items in Phasmophobia. Unlike 6 Tanglewood Drive, Edgefield’s layout spans 2 floors and a basement, it’s a big area to cover.

Read on as I will show you where to find all spawn locations for every cursed item in 42 Edgefield Road.

Phasmophobia 42 Edgefield Road Cursed Items Locations Map
A map layout of 42 Edgefield Road showing all spawn locations for every cursed item in Phasmophobia.

Tarot Cards

Phasmophobia 42 Edgefield Road Tarot Cards

You can find the Tarot Cards on top of a dresser to the right of the main entrance, near the bottom of the stairs.

Haunted Mirror

Phasmophobia 42 Edgefield Road Haunted Mirror

The Haunted Mirror can be found at the bottom of the stairs near the main entrance. As soon as you open the front door, look to your right and you’ll find the mirror attached to the wall.

Music Box

Phasmophobia 42 Edgefield Road Music Box

The Music Box can be found on top of a dresser in the living room. Turn left upon entering the house and head into the living room. The Music Box sits on a dresser to your right.

Ouija Board

Phasmophobia 42 Edgefield Road Ouija Board

The Ouija Board is hidden in the laundry room, a small utility room connected to the kitchen. Once you enter the house, go straight past the living room, turn left and you’ll find the kitchen. At the back of the kitchen, enter the door in the corner, you’ll find the Ouija Board on the floor under a metal rack.

Summoning Circle

Phasmophobia 42 Edgefield Road Summoning Circle

The Summoning Circle is hidden in the storage room within the basement of 42 Edgefield Road. The entrance to the basement is across the kitchen, descend the stairs. Upon entering the basement, the second door on your right leads to the storage room. The Summoning Circle will be inside this room.

Monkey Paw

Phasmophobia 42 Edgefield Road Monkey Paw

The Monkey Paw can be found on a playdesk next to a baby’s crib, inside the Orange bedroom on the second floor. Head up the stairs, then enter the second door to your right.

Voodoo Doll

Phasmophobia 42 Edgefield Road Voodoo Doll Location

The Voodoo Doll can be found lying on top of the bed in the large blue bedroom on the second floor. This room is located at the end of the hallway, opposite the master bedroom.

This concludes our guide on all cursed item locations at 42 Edgefield Road. Also check our consolidated guide for All Phasmophobia Cursed Item Locations for every map in the game.

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*This article is a work in progress and will constantly be updated with newer versions of the game.*

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