Phasmophobia: Flashlight Guide

Learn how the Flashlight works and discover its tier effects in Phasmophobia using this guide.

The Flashlight in Phasmophobia is a purchasable equipment that acts as your primary source of light in dark areas. Ghosts naturally love the darkness, and it’s equally natural for the living to fear what dwells in the absence of light. Read on, and this guide will teach you everything you need to know about the Flashlight, including its Tier effects and how to upgrade it in Phasmophobia.

What Does the Flashlight Do in Phasmophobia?

The Flashlight illuminates dark areas using a spotlight in the shape of a cone in front of you. There’s plenty of dark places in Phasmophobia that’s very difficult to see without a light.

How to Get the Flashlight in Phasmophobia

The Flashlight is already unlocked by default as one of your starting equipment. You can purchase more at the Equipment Store in the lobby. You’ll always be provided at least one Flashlight per contract.

How Much Does the Flashlight Cost in Phasmophobia?

The Flashlight costs $30 per purchase and will always remain the same price regardless of the tier.

Phasmophobia Flashlight Tiers

  • Tier I — Has a narrow spotlight and low intensity.
  • Tier II — Has a narrow spotlight and medium intensity.
  • Tier III — Has a wide spotlight and high intensity.

Once you reach Level 100, you’ll get the option to Prestige. Doing to will reset your Flashlight tiers back to I.

How to Upgrade Flashlight in Phasmophobia

Once you reach higher levels, you’ll have the option to upgrade your flashlight to the next tier. This will cost money for the tier upgrade.

  • Tier II Upgrade Cost — Unlocks at Level 19 and can be upgraded for $3,000
  • Tier III Upgrade Cost — Unlocks at Level 35 and can be upgraded for $3,000

After upgrading the Flashlight, you can select what tier to bring with you by going to the Equipment Store, your Loadout, and clicking on the Flashlight. You’ll be able to choose what to bring from the tiers you’ve unlocked.

How to Use the Flashlight in Phasmophobia

You can press ‘F’ on your keyboard to toggle your Flashlight on and off once you have it equipped. Once you cycle to a different equipment in your inventory, the Flashlight may still remain on as it automatically gets placed unto your shoulder.

During a ghost hunt, the Flashlight will flicker if the ghost is within 10 meters of you. This is a good indicator that the ghost has manifested nearby and you should run or hide for safety. Since the Flashlight counts as an electronic, you’ll want to turn it off or throw it away otherwise the ghost can detect your location.

That explains how the flashlight works in Phasmophobia. For more guides, news and walkthroughs, check out our main page for Phasmophobia here.