Phasmophobia Monkey Paw Locations, Wishes, and Effects

The Monkey Paw dropped during the Phasmophobia v0.8.1.0 update but where can you find it?

Phasmophobia Monkey Paw featured

The Monkey Paw is the latest Cursed Possession introduced in Phasmophobia. This powerful new item has the ability to grant certain wishes and gives more control to the user than any other Cursed Possession. Here’s a guide for where to find the Monkey Paw locations in Phasmophobia as well as how to use it.

So where do you find the Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia? And what are its wishes and their effects?

Phasmophobia Monkey Paw Locations

Here is where you can find the Phasmophobia Monkey Paw on each of the maps:

  • Bleasdale Farmhouse: On the second floor, in the Nursery room on the huge chest beside the cradle.
  • Brownstone Highschool: On the lobby, on top of a box to the pillar on the right side.
  • Camp Woodwind: On the Lover’s Bench behind the Blue Tent, right next to the marshmallows.
  • Edgefield Streethouse: On the second floor nursery room, next to the cradle.
  • Grafton Farmhouse: On the first floor, in the twins bedroom you can find it on the desk holding an axe.
  • Maple Lodge Campsite: At the lake, end of the pier and on the chair.
  • Prison: Right on the entrance, on the desk next to the metal detector.
  • Ridgeview Roadhouse: On the second floor, to the bedroom on the right across the bathroom, right on the table with the laptop.
  • Sunny Meadows: Inside the chapel, leaning against the cross covered in blood.
  • Tanglewood Streethouse: In the dining room, inside the cabinet.
  • Willow Streethouse: In the hallway between the restroom and the basement, inside the cabinet.

The Monkey Paw has a one-in-seven chance of appearing on the map you’re playing on. So if you don’t see the Cursed Item on any of the location we mentioned above, you most likely have a different Cursed Possession spawned somewhere else.

Phasmophobia Monkey Paw Wishes and Effects

The Monkey Paw works by speaking into your microphone and issuing commands. It will grant an effect based on what command you give while holding it. Here’s are all the commands you can give it and their effects:

  • I wish for clear skies – Clear up the weather.
  • I wish for rain – Changes the weather to rainy.
  • I wish for snow – Changes the weather to snow.
  • I wish for sunrise – Changes the weather to sunrise.
  • I wish for fog – Changes the weather to foggy.
  • I wish for knowledge – You’ll be given a clue as to what kind of ghost you’re investigating.
  • I wish for Sanity – Increases your Sanity levels.
  • I wish the ghost was trapped – Locks the entire building.
  • I wish to leave – Unlocks the building allowing to escape during ghost hunts.
  • I wish to see the ghost – The ghost appears in front of you.
  • I wish for activity – A ghost activity will ensue.
  • I wish to be safe – A hiding spot is created nearby.
  • I wish for life – Revives one of your teammates but kills you in return.
  • I wish for anything – A random wish is granted.

This Cursed Item is relatively new at the time of this article being written so there’s still a lot of possibilities that we don’t know. You can try to experiment with any command so long as it starts with “I wish” and then specify what you want to happen.

For those without a microphone, you can input text commands by right clicking which opens up three categories to choose from. Select wish, and then type in what wish you want the Monkey Paw to grant.

How Many Wishes Can You Make With the Monkey Paw in Phasmophobia?

The Monkey Paw can be used up to 3 to 5 times depending on the difficulty you selected before the mission in Phasmophobia. On easier difficulties, you can have up to five wishes. Harder difficulties will limit it to only three.

The good news is that even if you use up all your wishes, you’re still able to take photos of the Monkey Paw for bonus experience and cash.

That’s the Phasmophobia Monkey Paw locations, wishes, and effects. We hope this guide helped you out.