Phasmophobia Pumpkin Locations Halloween 2023

Phasmophobia 2023 Halloween Event recipe cards featured image

Phasmophobia Halloween 2023 has arrived, and in this year’s event, ghost hunters like yourself will be on the hunt for recipe cards within mysterious pumpkins, or clues leading to the ingredients needed for a spine-chilling ritual at the Maple Lodge Campsite! In this guide, I’ll show you where you can find every pumpkin or Phasmophobia 2023 Halloween recipe card from each map.

You’ll find all 9 of the Phasmophobia 2023 Halloween recipe cards inside pumpkins hidden in different maps. The ones with pumpkin icons on the map board will show you which locations have the ingredient notes you’re looking for.

Recipe Cards Locations Phasmophobia maps

Once you get the note inside the pumpkin, it’ll reveal one of the recipes you need to find the Maple Lodge ingredients. You don’t need to complete the game to have it registered as done. You can simply exit either by extracting via the van or just quitting straight to the lobby from the menu. It’s important to note that you can still be hunted by the ghost while looking for the Recipe Cards. Especially if you have to go inside the house. You can enable Friendly Ghost to ensure you’re undisturbed while looking for them.

10 Ridgeview Court Pumpkin Location

Go down into the basement and you’ll see a pumpkin sitting on one of the shelves to the left as you reach below the stairs. Take the recipe card that says “Toe of frog x1” and you’re good to go.

13 Willow Street Pumpkin Location

13 Willow Street Recipe Card Phasmophobia 2023 Halloween Event

The recipe ingredient note is just outside of the fan. Go out and take it next to the bush lining. This one says “Light in the Dark x1.” Probably the easiest recipe note to grab.

42 Edgefield Road Pumpkin Location

You’ll have to go inside the house for this recipe card. Go to the second floor and loop around until you reach the second-to-the-last bedroom. You’ll know it because the walls are blue. The pumpkin is on top of the garbage can next to the table. This one says “Death’s Rot x1.”

6 Tanglewood Drive Pumpkin Location

This one is right in the kitchen. After entering from the living room turn left and you’ll see a bench. Look underneath it for the pumpkin with the recipe note. This one says “Bowl of grins x1.”

Bleasdale Farmhouse Pumpkin Location

You’ll have to reach the third floor attic to get this recipe ingredient note. It’s behind some boxes in front of you once you reach the top of the stairs. This one says “Jar of mind x1.”

Camp Woodwind Pumpkin Location

You don’t have to go far inside for this recipe card. It’s literally just behind the entrance gate to the left. This one says “Eye of bear x2.”

Grafton Farmhouse Pumpkin Location

Grafton Farmhouse recipe card Phasmophobia 2023 Halloween Event

No need to go inside the house to get this recipe ingredient. Just circle around until you’re at the back where they’re growing a pumpkin patch. Among them is a glowing pumpkin in the smackdab center. It has the note you’re looking for which says “Sack of beans x3.”

Maple Lodge Campsite Pumpkin Location

Enter the gate and go left to reach the campfire with the cauldron. This is the same place you go to in order to throw all the ingredients into the cauldron for later. The pumpkin with the recipe ingredient that says “Love’s Blossom x1” is on one of the seats near the guitar.

Prison Pumpkin Location

Go to the center of the Prison facility in the first floor. That’s where the central control room is. You’ll find the pumpkin on the desk with the “Screaming skull x1” note.

Finding All the Recipe Cards Reward

Finding all the Recipe Cards rewards you with the new ID card badge you can show off to your friends. It’s the Pumpkin badge on your player ID which is half of the Halloween 2023 event rewards.

When you’ve collected all of the recipe cards, it’s time to head to Maple Lodge and collect the Phasmophobia Halloween Event 2023 ingredients. Doing so will earn you the Halloween ’23 trophy.