Planet of Lana: Chapter 1 Home Guide – Full Walkthrough and Achievements

This guide gives you a full walkthrough of the events of Chapter 1: Home in Planet of Lana and shows how to obtain the achievements within it.

Planet of Lana Chapter 1 Home cover

Home is the first chapter in Planet of Lana. This chapter follows Lana’s adventure after being the only one left when her sister and all the people in her village were abducted by a sudden alien invasion.

Read ahead as we go through Chapter 1: Home in Planet of Lana and share some tips on how to traverse the puzzle areas, plus reveal how to get all the achievements in the chapter.

Planet of Lana Chapter 1: Home Walkthrough

Planet of Lana Chapter 1: Home Walkthrough

The chapter starts off with Lana and her older sister Elo as they move through the village and towards the hills, passing through what appear to be gravestones. This section serves as the tutorial part for the basic movements and controls for Lana, such as the jump, run, drag, and crouch.

As you go through the village, you will come across the chef, who does not want anyone going through the kitchen. To get past the chef, you will need to crouch and sneak past while he’s not looking. After successfully sneaking past, you will get the Sneaky Sisters Achievement.

Once you arrive at the base of the hill, you will need to use a wagon to be able to reach a high ledge. Pull the wagon to the left and immediately climb on to it and jump to the ledge as the wagon rolls back down.

Suddenly, an alien invasion comes in and takes away Elo, leaving Lana running back into the village, where everyone has also been abducted.

At this point, you must move through the village without drawing attention from the alien machines. Take note of their patrol patterns and their searchlights, and move only once your path is clear. You will also learn how to remove planks from boarded-up areas to be able to go through them. Eventually, you will make it out of the village to the east and into the forest.

The final scene shows an exhausted Lana as she collapses out in the open while the huge alien machines roam the land.

Chapter 1: Home Achievements

These are the achievements that can be obtained in this chapter:

  • Sneaky Sisters – Sneaking pas the chef.

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