Planet of Lana Length: How long is Planet of Lana?

Planet of Lana includes 13 chapters to play through, and here's how long it should take to beat the game for most players.

Planet of Lana Length - How long is Planet of Lana

Planet of Lana takes players to a world filled with alien machines and other species, where they must complete a variety of puzzles, light platforming, and stealth activities without dragging on for too long. As you assume control of Lana and soak in the game’s breathtaking visuals, you may find yourself wondering how long it will take to reach the final cutscene and see the credits roll. Learn more about how long Planet of Lana is and how many chapters there are below.

How Long to Beat Planet of Lana

How Long to Beat Planet of Lana

Planet of Lana takes about 3-5 hours for most players to beat and reach the ending credits. However, everyone’s playstyle is different, so exact times will vary. Those who want to speedrun the game should probably take less than four hours to finish, while a casual playthrough of Planet of Lana’s Main Story plus extras will take you roughly four to five hours to complete.

There are 13 chapters in Planet of Lana, and completionists will want to get every achievement as well as find all the secret shrines. So if you’re looking to 100% complete the game, you’ll need around 5 to 6 hours or more.

Planet of Lana Chapters List

In spite of Planet of Lana’s short game length, there are still 13 chapters to play through, and players can gauge their progress toward the game’s ending or check how far they’ve gotten so far with the help of a chapter list.

Here are all 13 chapters to complete for Planet of Lana:

  1. Home
  2. Alone
  3. A New Friend
  4. Secrets In The Dark
  5. The Highlands
  6. The Swamp
  7. The Past
  8. The Ocean
  9. The Turning Tide
  10. The Desert
  11. The Oasis
  12. End Of The Road
  13. Tailo Village

Planet of Lana follows a linear plot, but players can go at their own pace as they discover the strange world and work through its many intriguing puzzles. The perfect weekend game for some players with little free time.