New PlayStation 4 Firmware Update Version 7.51 Just Went Live Today

Sony Interactive Entertainment just dropped the latest firmware update for the PlayStation 4, and it is still the usual one.

The newest PS4 update is now version 7.51 and went live just recently worldwide. Just like any other firmware update, it has that same size of half a gigabyte, 471MB to be exact. Sony did not put anything specific in the description though, so it is the usual “this system update improves system performance” update.

So far there were no complaints from the owners of the console system. Users from the PlayStation subreddit did not have any complaints after installing the latest firmware. Other social media platforms were quiet as well, so it is safe to say it is safe to install it on your system right now.

Firmware update version 7.50 did not have a very smooth transition last month. Several console owners complained of bugs like infinite boot looping and other weird issues. Others were lucky to see no problems.

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