PlayStation 4 Console Unit Sales Reach 112.3 Million Worldwide

Game company Sony Interactive Entertainment recently announced that the PlayStation 4 console worldwide shipments have already reached 112.3 million units.

SIE recently reported its latest financial results for the three months ended June 30. Last quarter, the PS4 shipments were already up to 110.4 million units shipped worldwide. 1.9 million shipped units were added to the latest quarter, which now adds up to the latest number.

In a significant increase of sales, 91 million full game software sold for the PS4 and 18.5 million for first party titles in the first quarter. The digital download ratio of PS4 games has also risen to 74 percent, which is a really big increase compared to last year’s first quarter of only 53 percent. The biggest reason for the significant rise of downloads is due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

PlayStation Plus subscribers have also increased for Q1 2020. Compared to last years’ first quarter of only 36.2 million only, the latest one for 2020 has gotten to 44.9 million subscribers.

Source: Official Document via Siliconera

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