PlayStation 4 Units Built in 30 Seconds by Sony Robots

A recent report revealed that PlayStation 4 units are being assembled quite quickly by an almost fully-automated factory.

The factory has a few employees and mostly robots that are doing the work. It is located across the bay from Tokyo. It can easily construct PS4 units in approximately 30 seconds and the units are all fully functional.

The report from Nikkei Asian Review states:

On the outskirts of Kisarazu, a large, white building towers over an otherwise suburban landscape. Once inside, visitors are greeted by the whirring of motors as dozens of robots seamlessly churn out PlayStation 4 consoles.

The actual human employees are only four. The two of them would feed the motherboards to the assembly line, while the other two handle the packaging. Everything else is fully-automated by the robots.

The report continues:

One of the plant’s crowning achievements is the use of robots to attach wires, tape and other flexible parts to the consoles. Twenty-six out of 32 robots at the Kisarazu plant are dedicated to the task, deftly handling materials most robots would find too finicky.

Now imagine if the PlayStation 5 units will be assembled here in the near future. It will be quite a sight to see.

Thanks VG247!