Potionomics Mint Character Guide

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Mint is one of the characters that you’ll eventually meet in Potionomics, in which players can befriend and have a romantic relationship with. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Potionomics Mint, including how to level up her rank and more.

Potionomics Mint: Who is She?

Potionomics Mint: Who is She

Mint is a very active adventurer who is trying hard to find her purpose in life. She is hardworking and always lends her aid including gathering ingredients for Sylvia. Her favorite item to collect is Bones especially Unicorn Horns which can be found at the Enchanted Forest.

Potionomics Mint Dialogue Guide

Potionomics Mint Dialogue Guide

In certain events related to Mint, players will enter a conversation with him and choose the correct dialogue. To enter the conversation, players must choose the options, Let’s stay on topic or Tell me more. Once that happens, choices or dialogues will be presented and players must choose the correct one, or else their friendship will be reduced.

The dialogues that must be chosen for Mint’s Friendship are the following:

  • Rank 1 – “That would be a huge honor”. “You’ve got the muscles to be a hero”.
  • Rank 2 – “It’s kind of you to shield your colleagues”. “Should I pinch you?”.
  • Rank 3 – “I worry about fitting in too”. “Ooh, cute and clever?”. “Let’s get you a hammer”.
  • Rank 4 – “Let’s try something new”. “And maybe something more?”.
  • Rank 5 – “I thought your glutes looked nice”. “I’ll keep you in check”.
  • Rank 6 – “I might be distracted by your loveliness”. “Yeah, but I’d love to hear your version”.
  • Rank 7 – “Is this a date?”. “It’s an amazing place”.
  • Rank 8 – “Look on the bright side”.
  • Rank 9 – “I’ve got it!”. “Wait. Are you all right?”
  • Rank 10 – Requires 2 Superior Speed Potions.

Potionomics Mint Rewards Guide

Potionomics Mint Rewards Guide

When players reach Rank4 of Mint’s friendship, they will be able to receive 25% more resources on adventures that Mint will be assigned to and when they reach Rank 8, it will increase to 50% more. For each rank that is unlocked, Sylvia will receive new cards that she can use on her business.

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