Potionomics Xidriel Character Guide

Playing music and loves to collect unusual stuff is Xid from Potionomics


Xidriel is one of the characters that you’ll eventually meet in Potionomics, in which players can befriend and have a romantic relationship with. This guide will cover everything you need to know about Potionomics Xidriel, including how to level up her rank and more.

Potionomics Xidriel: Who is She?

Potionomics Xidriel: Who is She

Known to many as Xid, Xidriel works as a bard in the Heroes Guild. She is interested in collecting bugs like rotfly larvae and likes to write new music and try new things.

Potionomics Xidriel Dialogue Guide

Potionomics Xidriel Dialogue Guide

In certain events related to Xidriel, players will enter a conversation with her and choose the correct dialogue. To enter the conversation, players must choose the options, Let’s stay on topic or Tell me more. Once that happens, choices or dialogues will be presented and players must choose the correct one, or else their friendship will be reduced.

The correct dialogues for Xidriel are the following based on the current rank of Sylvia’s friendship with her:

  • Rank 1 – “Won’t you miss singing?”. “What about romantic exploits?”.
  • Rank 2 – “I feel safe with you”. “Sounds like some of my customers”.
  • Rank 3 – “Grin and bear it”. “I bet you were adorable”.
  • Rank 4 – “The key to my heart”. “Friendship”, “Unless you’re a fiend or foe”. “An underdog/A hero”, no change.
  • Rank 5 – “I make time for friends”. “You could never be average”. “Powers/Personality”, no change.
  • Rank 6 – “You always stand out in a crowd”. “I prefer to make my own fashion choices”. “Animal helper/Helpful Mage”, no change.
  • Rank 7 – “I like getting you all to myself”. “Internal conflict/External conflict), no change. “You took the words right out of my mouth”.
  • Rank 8 – “When can I hear it?”. “Confident/Worried”, no change.
  • Rank 9 – “I’m sorry, that’s hard”.
  • Rank 10  – Requires Superior Petrification Cure, Superior Silence Cure.

Potionomics Xidriel Rewards Guide

Potionomics Xidriel Rewards Guide

Players who manage to reach at least 4th rank in their friendship with Xidriel will receive a 25% discount on their adventures. It will increase further by 50% once they have reached rank 8. For each rank that is unlocked, Sylvia will receive new cards that she can use on her business.

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