Remnant 2: How to Get Probability Cord

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There are many secret items in Souls-like games that players will never find on their playthrough. These items are so cleverly hidden via a series of puzzles and requirements. And then there are some that lie in plain sight, practically teasing the player. The Probability Cord lies squarely in the latter.

The Probability Cord is an in-world Accessory found on Root Earth. Since the world of Root Earth is not subject to RNG, the Probability Cord will appear in the same location every single time the player travels there.

How to get the Probability Cord in Remnant 2?

To get to the Probability Cord’s location, you first need to go to the Corrupted Harbor on Root Earth. From the World Crystal, make your way to the freight ship and defeat the mob of enemies in the engine room. Be careful, the fight won’t end until you have defeated a couple of Specials. This will give you access to the main deck of the ship.

You can see the ring itself from the lower deck checkpoint. But just because you can see it, doesn’t mean that the way to get there is straightforward. Or is it?

Turn around through the doorway and make your way up the stairs in the back. You should have access to it now since you’ve unlocked the door after clearing the engine room. You should now find yourself on the deck of the ship.

Normally, you would take the stairs on the left to progress to the upper deck and the next mini-boss encounter. If you want to get to the Probability Cord, you’ll instead walk on the giant Root along the side of the ship.

At the end of the end of the path, walk off the edge to the right. Don’t worry. The drop isn’t as severe as you might think.

Once you’ve dropped down, look back in the direction of the ship and you should see a corridor leading to the lower deck. There you will find the Probability Cord on the floor. Nice and easy.

What does the Probability Cord do?

The Probability Cord increases Crit Damage by 30%. As you can imagine, this little trinket can make all the difference in a Crit build that has a high crit chance. It also goes well with any stealth builds as attacks on unaware enemies are very likely to crit.

This ring is so versatile that it can work well in ability and mod builds that are able to generate crits. Since the damage source is never specified, it can even go into Summon builds such as the Engineer’s Heavy Weapons. But why stop there? The increase in damage doesn’t only apply to single-shot weapons like snipers and bows, it can work on suppression weapons like LMGs and the Plasma Cutter.

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