How to Unlock Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2

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It is common knowledge that Remnant 2 has a lot of secrets. That has always been the case since the first game. But in finding the Engineer class, we believe that Remnant 2 took a huge leap in what players can expect to find if they dare look beyond the beaten path.

The Engineer is quite frankly the best tank class in all of Remnant 2. You have access to a literal Heavy Weapon and everything about you screams, “Come at me! I’m right over here!”.

How to Get the Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2

Unlocking the Engineer Archetype is actually simple. But like all the best secrets, it is one that is hidden in plain sight.

The Eon Vault - How to Get the Engineer Archetype in Remnant 2

To unlock the Engineer, you first need to reach the second Overworld in N’erud. It is the area you get access to after you’ve gone through the Putrid Domain. There are two possible Overworlds you can possibly get in a seed for N’erud. The one you’re looking for is The Eon Vault.

The place that contains the hidden Archetype is shrouded in poison mist. It is an unmarked location on the side of where the Spectrum Nexus is located. We first got wind of this secret when players started talking about the Level 10 Explorer skill: Treasure Hunter. Using this game-changer of a Skill, players noticed the outline of a figure beyond the boundaries.

You don’t exactly need the skill to find the secret though it helps greatly in pin pointing its location. The left picture above shows the exact location of where the entrance can be found.

To get to the dead Engineer, you’ll need to endure the poison mist for as long as needed. The moment you enter the poison mist, your character will start puking. You will have a few seconds to push forward and jump the gap to the ledge where the Engineer is before your character starts puking again. Interact with the body to claim the Technician Armor Set.

But hold your horses, you’re done yet. Before you succumb to poison, immediately look to your left to another ledge below the one you’re on. Quickly drop down to find the Alien Device Material. This is what you’ll need for the Engineer Archetype.

It is ok to die at this point. In fact, you have no other choice but to surrender’s to death’s embrace.

Once you’re back to the nearest crystal, you are cleared to do the next and final step to claiming the Archetype. Head back to Ward 13 and talk to Wallace. With his help, you’ll receive the Drzyr Caliper Engram. For a small fee, of course. But it’s all worth it in the end though.

Engineer Archetype Overview

Remnant 2 Engineer Archetype Overview

The Engineer specializes in Heavy Weaponry which can be carried or placed in turret mode. The highlight of this class is the portable Heavy Weapon. When it is deployed, it will attack any enemy your character looks at, much like how your dog functions with the Handler Archetype.

If you hold the SKILL button, your character will start to carry the weapon. Essentially giving you access to a third ranged weapon. If you have the Engineer Archetype as your prime archetype, your Heavy Weapon will become stronger for a short period of time.

It will also surprise some people but the Turret counts as a Summon. So anything that buffs a summoned unit will have an effect on the Turret. This holds especially true for the Summoner Archetype and everything connected to it.

If you plan to main this class, be aware that you are the team’s anchor. The name Engineer does not quite fit what your kit is actually about. At least in the traditional sense. Your Turret is an extension of yourself and you are supposed to be in the thick of almost every encounter.

Prime Perk:

  • Holding the SKILL button will Overclock a Carried or Deployed Heavy Weapon. Overclocking grants infinite Ammo, increased Fire Rate, and a 25% Damage increase for 15s. Cooldown: 58.8s.

Archetype Trait:

  • Fortify: Increases Armor Effectiveness by (5% – 50%).


  • Heavy Weapon: Vulcan
  • Heavy Weapon: Flamethrower
  • Heavy Weapon: Impact Cannon
    • Press: Deploys the [Active Heavy Weapon Skill] which lasts until its Ammo is exhausted. Turrets that can aim will prioritize targets that the player Aims at. Press SKILL again to enable autonomous targeting.
    • Hold: Deploys to Heavy Carry Mode. If Engineer Prime is available, will Overclock the weapon if already in hand or on the battlefield.
    • Double Press: The weapon is reclaimed, returning 75% of its remaining Ammo.

Heavy Weapon Ammo is regenerated by 1.02% every second, and Heavy Weapons can only be deployed if at least 25% Ammo is available.


  • Metalworker: Increases Skill Damage by 5%. Heavy Weapons gain 5% Ammo Capacity and 2.5% Max Health.
  • Magnetic Field: Heavy Weapons grant 15% Damage Reduction to all allies within 2.5m.
  • Heavy Mobility: Movement Speed while Carrying a Heavy Weapon is increased by 35%.
  • Surplus: Using a Relice refills 15% of Heavy Weapon Ammo. Bonus is doubled when Heavy Weapon is stowed.

If you’re into summoning minions and agile playstyle, check out our guide on how to unlock the Summoner or Invader archetypes. But if you opt to prioritize exploration and find all the secrets there are, then the Explorer Archetype might be your best bet. For other Remnant 2 guides, check out our list of articles on the game.