Ready or Not: How to end missions

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There are several reasons why you’d want to end a mission in Ready or Not. You could’ve already completed all of the main objectives, or you’ve sustained so many casualties that retreating is the best option. You’re not really told how to do this, so you’ll be forced to stay on the map until you learn how.

Things have changed since the 1.0 update for Ready or Not, where you can end missions prematurely to save your officers lives or stick around for a bit longer after completing all the main objectives. In this guide, I’ll be teaching you how to end missions whenever you want to.

How to End Missions in Ready or Not

End Missions in Ready or Not

You can end missions at any time in Ready or Not by heading back to the SWAT APC at the start of the mission level. Press and hold F to exfiltrate with all your squad members. After completing all the primary objectives, you’ll get the prompt to vote to end the mission on the upper left corner of your screen.

From my experience, the mission ending at the completion of all objectives is a bit unpredictable. Sometimes the mission just ends abruptly, even without the vote prompt. At other times, I’m given enough time to collect all the evidence on the map before voting for the mission to be done.

You can choose to extract early before you’ve completed your main objectives. There’s no consequence for this in co-op multiplayer. However, it can demoralize your SWAT members when playing in Commander Mode, the game’s main campaign. You have to complete all the primary mission objectives for a mission to count as complete.

Some primary mission objectives can fail, such as arresting a specific person when you get them killed. This will count towards your overall mission score at the end, but a failed primary objective still counts as completed.

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