Ready or Not: How Many Missions Are There?

Ready or Not levels featured

Ready or Not just released its 1.0 update, which brings you new missions that will challenge your instincts. The new Commander Mode features a full campaign to undertake with new and improved AI that can better keep up with the demands of the job. You’re also free to tackle these missions with trusted friends who you know will have your back.

How Many Missions Are in Ready or Not?

Ready or Not has 18 missions for you to tackle in total. Each mission features a different map and scenario where you must complete a different set of objectives to pass.

Keep in mind that these are just the official Ready or Not mission levels. This doesn’t count the modded maps where the entire list becomes endless. There are a lot of community made mission levels you can find online that add new content for Ready or Not.

How Many Missions Are in Ready or Not

Missions in Ready or Not have different modes ranging from Barricaded Suspects to Active Shooters. You’ll have to tailor your approach depending on what’s happening. Just because you already completed a mission doesn’t mean that you’re in the clear as Ready or Not does randomize certain aspects such as enemy and trap placement for every time you go into a level.

Some of the mission levels can have multiple different starting points. You can view whatever information is available for a specific mission at any time by pulling up your tablet by holding TAB after selecting a mission. However not all information is accurate which is true to real life.

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