Remnant 2: How to get Berserker’s Crest

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You don’t really know where you’ll find treasure in one of Remnant 2’s secret passages. Sometimes they are where you would expect them to be at the end after killing the Aberration guarding. Or it could just be on the floor on the way to the supposed “treasure room”. Thus is the case for accessories like the Berserker’s Crest.

The Berserker’s Crest a ring that can be found anywhere in an event called The Coffin. The ring has the potential to become the cornerstone of many melee or bleed-focused builds. But RNG plays heavily into finding the elusive ring. You can re-roll the Yaesha dozens of times and not come across it. Or you can casually pick it without knowing how lucky you actually were.

How to get Berserker’s Crest in Remnant 2?

The Berserker’s Crest can be found on Yaesha. It is only found in the vicinity of The Coffin event. This event can appear in The Chimney, The Lament, or The Twisted Chantry Dungeon. If you see a random open coffin in the middle of a dungeon run, assume something is off.

As pictured above, you will come across an open coffin in the middle of these two staircases with a locked door behind you. If your first instinct is to jump into the coffin, then you’re on the right track to completing this event.

Take a running jump and you’ll find yourself inside the coffin. Crouch down and go through the crawlspace to a deeper chamber that’s been partially flooded.

You’ll find that the place is crawling with Root zombies. We advise aiming for the head to and taking them out one by one. If you try to cut them down from below, you run the risk of getting swarmed by crawlers. And that’s the last thing you want to happen in a flooded chamber.

Next, you’ll find yourself in a tomb where 4 coffins line the walls.

The Rot Aberration is what you’ll need to take down in order to safely tomb raid the coffins. This beefed-up Root Horror will take quite a bit of firepower. Wait for it to throw its explosive core at you to deal Weakspot damage. Killing it will reward you with the Extender Mutator.

Once you’ve killed it, you’re clear to take all the treasure inside the coffins and open the door to complete the event. But, unfortunately, this is not where you’ll find the Berserker’s Crest usually.

We didn’t find the ring inside one of the coffins, as we expected. The weird thing about the ring is that it can appear in the most unlikely of places. For us, it spawned on the left side dead end from where we first dropped in. We didn’t notice it until we saw a purple dot on the minimap, telling us that we missed something in the lower chamber. We traced our footsteps back and found the ring underwater.

While it would have been nice to find it someplace more brightly lit, there’s no denying that we were glad to even find it at all. The point is that the ring can spawn anywhere inside the event area. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you may want to take a second look at your minimap before leaving the area.

Berserker’s Crest Details

As is written on the ring’s description:

The crest on this ring represents the hero Linedhel. It was worn by the most powerful Cul warriors-those who overcame harrowing odds through strength, speed, and guts.

The Beserker’s Crest increases Melee Charge Speed by 20% and reduces Melee Stamina Cost by 25%. These two buffs are good enough to have their own rings. With these two combined into this one ring, the Berserker’s Crest is good enough to be a cornerstone of any melee build. Maybe something to pair with the Atom Splitter.

One of the best pairings we’ve seen so far with this ring is the Blood Jewel ring. Charged Melee becomes the name of the game. For further suffering, you may want to throw in the Assassin’s Dagger from the Council Chamber dungeon. That’s a lot of Bleed damage over a short amount of time.

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