Remnant 2: How to Get the Purple Item in The Chimney

This guide talks about how to get the Purple Item at The Chimney in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Purple Item Downward Spiral cover

There is a purple item within The Chimney dungeon in Remnant 2 that appears to be unreachable, as there is no physical way to climb up to where it is. Read ahead as we share how to get the purple item in Remnant 2 and talk about whether or not getting the item is worth the effort.

How to get the Purple Item

First, venture into The Chimney in Yaesha and clear out the dungeon’s objective. During your adventure through the spiral path, you will have seen a purple mark on the minimap and a dark hole on the ceiling, exactly where the marked area is. The purple item will be right on top of you, however, you won’t be able to see it from where the marked area is.

How to Get the Purple Item in The Chimney - Remnant 2

Continue heading up the path until you reach the root bridge near the glowing white crystals. While on the bridge, look to your right, and you should spot a lit torch on the far wall. Then, try to reposition yourself so that you would be able to see a few more feet above the torch, where you should see an explosive orb.

How to Get the Purple Item in The Chimney  1 - Remnant 2

Shoot this orb to make it explode, then head back to the marked spot where you will find the Downward Spiral amulet. Alternatively, you can also progress a bit more to get to the stairs just before you reach the central column of the spire, where you could get a better view of the purple item.

Downward Spiral Stats

The Downward Spiral amulet increases Fire Rate by 10% and Melee Attack Speed by 15%. For every missing 10% of Max Health, gain 3% Ranged damage (Max 15%) and 4% Melee damage (Max 20%). This amulet is great for those who are playing on the offensive and can constantly maintain 50% health without being in peril to maximize the damage buffs.

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