Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting Guide: How to Get Crescent Moon Bow

Remnant 2 Nimue Crafting Guide Crescent Moon cover image

This Remnant 2 Nimue crafting guide will teach you how to get the Crescent Moon Bow. Powerful weapons exist in Remnant 2, and some of them are obtained in rather unorthodox ways. The Crescent Moon Bow is a weapon that isn’t taken by any normal means, as the materials required to craft it can be pretty tricky to get.

How to Craft Crescent Moon Bow in Remnant 2?

You need to acquire Anamy’s Echo to craft the Crescent Moon Bow, which requires getting the Dreamcatcher weapon and using it on Nimue’s bracelet while she’s sleeping. This will cause her to drop Nimue’s Dream, which is an item you can use to teleport to a different location that has Anamy’s Echo.

Once you have Anamy’s Echo, you can now craft the Crescent Moon Bow in Remnant 2. Go to Ward 13, and you can craft the weapon using the material you got from Nimue. Talk to McCabe, who can craft the weapon for you.

Crescent Moon Bow Required Materials

  • Anamy’s Echo x1
  • Lumenite Crystal x7
  • Scrap x1000

Getting Anamy’s Echo can be a long process but the other materials are easy enough to get. First, you need to get Dreamcatcher which is a weapon that requires a specific method to get. Second, you need to wait for Nimue to fall asleep before you can get the specific drop from her. We’ll teach you how to do both.

How to Get Dreamcatcher?

Dreamcatcher is one of the weapons crucial to crafting the Crescent Moon Bow. To get this weapon, acquire the Losomn – Morrow Parish and the Nightweaver quest. During the quest itself, get the Nightweaver Stone Doll which is done after giving three Stone-carved Dolls to the lady in the basement.

Continue with the quest until you beat Magister Dullain. You’ll reach a basement area with cobwebs all over that you can use the Soulkey Tribute on. This will teleport you to a dream world location where there’s a room filled with cobwebs. Place the Nightweaver Stone Doll here and you’ll get Dreamcatcher.

How to Make Nimue Fall Asleep?

Getting Nimue to fall asleep can fall down to luck. You just have to keep fast travelling back and forth Nimue’s Retreat until you see her lying down. This will happen at random so you may have to keep doing it until you get it right.

You can find Nimue herself at Losomn in her own separate corner. When visiting her, she’s usually standing tall and staring at you. Though you can occasionally catch her sleeping. Once she’s asleep, hit her bracelet with the Dreamweaver. This will cause an item called Nimue’s Dream to drop after the bracelet glows.

Equip Nimue’s Dream to a hotkey and then use it. This will teleport you to a location called Retreat’s Horizon. There’s a blue glowing material by the distance which you can pick up. This is the Anamy’s Echo, which is the material needed to make the Crescent Moon Bow in Remnant 2.

Is the Crescent Moon Bow Worth It in Remnant 2?

The Crescent Moon Bow can be devastating in the right hands. There’s a unique mod that gives some significant buffs which heals your max HP, speeds your fire rate, and increases damage dealt by basic shots. It keeps you well in the fight and allows you to play aggressive which if perfect for players who love being on the offensive.

Crescent Moon Bow Stats

  • Damage: 87
  • RPS: 4.1
  • Magazine: 1
  • Ideal Range: 25m
  • Fallout Range: 65m
  • Max Ammo: 36
  • Critical Hit Chance: 5%
  • Weak Spot Damage Bonus: +70%
  • Stagger Modified: +15%

The Crescent Moon Bow has a unique mod called Moonlight Barrage. For 15 seconds, you bow will be empowered. Arrows apply Moonlight against enemies for 3 seconds. Enemies hit by Crescent Moon releases essence that returns to you and restores 5% of your max HP. This will also give you +15% firing and reload speeds for 5 seconds. Your Basic Shots become charged shots and Manually Charged Shots fires two arrows instead.