Remnant 2 Ravager’s Choice Quest: Kill or Save Doe?

Remnant 2 Ravager's Choice Quest Kill or Save Doe cover image

Certain parts of Remnant 2’s story let players make certain choices that have some impact, like the Corrupted Ravager giving you a choice to either kill or save the Red Doe. You might be curious as to which choice has the best outcome and what will benefit you more. This guide will show you what each choice does, including a third option that isn’t so obvious.

Should you Kill or Save Doe in Remnant 2?

Choosing to kill the Doe gives you the Ravager’s Mark amulet, which increases the damage you deal against bleeding enemies. Saving the Red Doe gives you the Doe’s Antler, which can be used to craft the Red Doe Staff, which is a melee weapon that summons the Spirit of the Red Doe to charge forward, trampling over enemies.

After finding Ravager’s Lair, you meet the Corrupted Ravager, whom you may know if you’ve played Remnant: Rise From the Ashes. He’ll talk to you about his past experiences traveling with humans before he was left for dead and saved by the Root. Ravager asks you to put down the injured Red Doe he captured and seal the pack with him. The problem is that the Red Doe is a beloved creature on Yaesha.

Killing the Doe Rewards

If you’re going for a bleed build, then killing the Red Doe to get the Ravager’s Mark is going to be the best pick to get the most out of this quest. This choice avoids the boss fight against the Corrupted Ravager and dooms Yaesha to a slow, painful demise in the clutches of the Root.

Saving the Doe Rewards

Choosing to save the Red Doe gets you more in the long run. You’ll get into a boss fight with the Corrupted Ravager, but upon defeating him, you get the Doe’s Antler, which is needed to craft the Red Doe Staff. This melee weapon comes with a unique mod that summons the Spirit of the Red Doe to stampede forward against your enemies after dealing 250 damage. This not only deals 188 damage but also gives 10% of your health back to your allies.

Another material you get from saving the Red Doe is the Crimson Membrane. This can be used to craft a gun that comes with the Bloodline mod called the Merciless Long. This gun lets you fire a massive blast of energy that rips through crowds and anything it passes through. If you’re looking for a weapon that can clear crowds, the Merciless Long is a good gun to use.

Remnant 2 Corrupted Ravager

Fighting the Ravager Without Saving the Doe Consequences

There is an alternate third scenario that will happen if you opt to shoot the Corrupted Ravager instead of saving the Red Doe first. Once you get the Corrupted Ravager to half its health, it will consume the Doe and kill it. This will give the Corrupted Ravager a new vortex attack which makes the fight harder.

Because the Doe has been consumed, you won’t get the Doe’s Antler so you can’t craft the Red Doe Staff. You’ll still get the Crimson Membrane after being the Corrupted Ravager. This option is by far the most limited out of Ravager’s choice in Remnant 2.