Remnant 2: How to Get Sacred Hunt Feather (Familiar Mod)

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The Dreamcatcher is a key to many of Remnant 2’s secrets. So much so that it is probably worth trying out on a bunch of viable targets. The one we’re referring to in this article is the optional roaming boss, the Huntress.

The Sacred Hunt Feather is a material used to make the Familiar Mod. It can be acquired from a special interaction with the Huntress. Interestingly, most players facing the Huntress for the first time won’t know what to do after seeing her at Briella’s Garden. At least until they pick up the Dreamcatcher. As for the mod itself, it is a very good mod for Summoner builds. It is a good general-purpose mod but it truly shines with other equipment that enhances summons.

How to get the Sacred Hunt Feather in Remnant 2?

There is a bit of RNG involved in getting the Sacred Hunt Feather. First, you need to have the Dreamcatcher in your arsenal. We can tell you how to get the important melee weapon as part of our Invader Archetype guide.

In short, you need to start a Losomn adventure starting in Morrow Parish and ending in the asylum. That’s where you can get the Dreamcatcher. If you’re looking to get that mod immediately, you may want to avoid killing the Huntress and sneak past her after the first encounter. She is, after all, a roaming boss and you can decide to not fight her unless you begin the second round.

Important: Try not to kill her if you happen to find her in places like Ironborough and the Forsaken Quarter. She will run away from you. That’s all part of the encounter.

Listen for hoof steps on top of buildings and just do enough damage to drive her away. If you kill her then and there, you will lose the opportunity to get the material for this entire run.

Briella’s Garden

Briella’s Garden is a sublocation inside the larger areas. It is an injected instance where the Huntress goes after your first encounter with her, assuming she survives. As pictured above, you should look for this structure and you’ll find the Huntress resting alongside her mount.

She is vulnerable in this state but do your best to not wake her up. Though it is worth noting that the sound of distant gunfire and Dran dying does little to stir her. Best not to test it.

Dreamcatcher in hand, sneak up on the slumbering Huntress and press the attack button on her. This will show an animation that rewards you with the Huntress’s Dream consumable. This will take you to the place where the Sacred Hunt Feather can be acquired.

Important: Until you get the Sacred Hunt Feather, do not wake/kill the Huntress. She will remain asleep after you’ve collected the item. Draw her agro and you may lose your chance to get the item.

Next, equip the item and use it on yourself. You will be transported to a dream world similar to the way we traveled to Retreat’s Horizon.

How to get to Briella’s Reverie in Remnant 2?

Using the Huntress’s Dream, we now find ourselves in Briella’s Reverie. A dream world similar to that of Losomn but has a shimmering filter on top of it. The dream-like arena covers a wide area with streets and back alleys surrounding the park.

The dream version of the Huntress waits for you at the center of the park. You’ll have to defeat her by whatever means. In truth, her move set didn’t feel drastically different from that of her waking state. Though we have noticed that she does seem to be more aggressive in her attacks.

Dying is unfortunate as you will return to the waking world and will have to get another Huntress’s Dream to have another shot at her. This is why we said that you should not disturb her until you get the crafting material.

Killing the dream version of the Huntress will reward you 3 Lumenite Crystals, a Tome of Knowledge, and 500 scrap. More importantly, you’ll also receive the Sacred Hunt Feather.

After the fight, you will find that there is nothing else to do in the dream world. There are clusters of mobs sprinkled around the area but nothing worthwhile pursuing. To exit the area, you can either use the checkpoint crystal or Death takes you back to Losomn.

Once you’re back in the waking world, you can opt to kill the Huntress to get the Venerated Spearhead material that you can then use to craft the Huntress Spear melee weapon.

How to get the Familiar Weapon Mod?

Take the Sacred Hunt Feather back to Ward 13 and have McCabe create the Familiar Mod at the cost of 1 Sacred Hunt Feather, 5 Lumenite Crytals, and 650 scrap.

So what does the Familiar Weapon mod do?

For starters, you can aim the mod at a group of opponents and when you cast it a Faerie Familiar, it will randomly select a target and will harass the target for quite a while. The aim isn’t to outright kill them but the fast strikes are enough to stagger them to a degree. It is best used in tandem with a Summoner build that can increase its damage potential and hopefully its lethality.

That’s one good way of us using the Huntress’s best assets against the Root.

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