Remnant 2: How to Unlock Invader Archetype

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The Invader is a secret Archetype that can be acquired in Remnant 2 after certain conditions are met. Like all the secret archetypes in the game, this involves rolling the correct world and activating hidden mechanics.

The Shadow of doom hangs over your opponents. This archetype turns your Traveler into the closest thing Remnant 2 has to an Assassin class. Leave behind a Decoy, make impossible dodges, and get behind your enemies’ backs. This quest is going to take some time.

How to unlock the Invader Archetype in Remnant 2

To unlock the Invader Archetype for yourself, you’ll need to follow these steps in both Losomn and Root Earth:

  • Step #1: Go to Losomn and have a starting point in Morrow Parish.

If you don’t have it as a main quest, go to World Settings and create a new Adventure Mode in Losomn. Keep rerolling until you get it. Progress the questline until get to the Morrow Sanatorium.

  • Step #2: Collect the 3 Stone-Carved Dolls.

The first Stone-Carved Doll is located in a room on the right side of the foyer entrance. It can be found behind the bookcase under the coffee table.

The second one is located at the far end of the front garden. On the ground, opposite the shed.

The third doll is locked somewhere on the third floor of the Sanatorium. We need the Third Floor Key to get it. Initiate the fight with the Ripsaw miniboss inside the shed. Finish the battle to secure the Asylum Third Floor Key safely.

The third Stone-carved Doll is located behind the dresser at the back of the third-floor ward. If you enter the area for the first time, you’ll be facing some winged enemies.

  • Step 3: Secure the Prison Cell Key.

Head to the middle room on the third floor. The one with the two windows. Go through one of the frames and you’ll get to the balcony. You’ll find the Prison Cell Key on the floor.

  • Step 4: Unlock the cell door.

After you’ve collected all the Stone-carved Dolls and presented them to Dr. Morrow, a new option will appear. This will allow you to open the door to the cell. In a strange twist, the good doctor is nowhere to be seen inside. Instead, a Nightweaver Stone Doll will be there in her place. Pick it up for the next step.

  • Step 5: Gain access to the Tormented Asylum.

Follow the questline until you have the Soulkey Tribute in your possession. Use it on the glowing cacoon in the basement of the Sanatorium. This will teleport you to the Tormented Asylum.

  • Step 6: Offer the Nightweaver Stone Doll to the cobweb inside the cell.

Once inside the Tormented Asylum, go to the first cell on the left and offer the Doll to the cobweb. You have now unlocked the Dreamcatcher Melee Weapon.

Now, that’s first part of the quest done. The next steps will require you to progress the main story until you gain access to Root Earth.

  • Step 7: Go to the hidden area within the Corrupted Harbor.

This next part requires you to go deep into Root Earth. You’ll be facing a couple of bosses on the way to the harbor. But that’s to be expected of the last world in the base game.

From the checkpoint at the entrance of the ship, go down to the engine room and look for the side door on the right side of the room. This will get you to the hidden valley.

The valley contains a sleeping Root monster, a few mobs, and a lesser Cancer enemy. Clear the mobs so you won’t be disturbed when you do this next step.

  • Step 8: Attack the Root monster with the Dreamcatcher.

Press the Attack button with the Dreamcatcher equipped and an animation will show you getting something from the dreamer. Pick up the Walker’s Dream item. Equip it and use the item to enter the Twilight Valley.

  • Step 9: Defeat “Bane”

Your Wanderer will be transported to the Twilight Valley. It is a pocket dimension that mirrors the hidden valley in the Corrupted Harbor.

Hint: You don’t need to go to the middle of the area to start the encounter. In fact, you should avoid doing as to not draw the attention of the powerful Root hiding at the far end of the valley.

Bane is more or less similar to the tripod walkers in the waking world. It does have Displacer so you may want to stay away if you don’t want to get stun locked when it puts its foot down. The mobs will be an issue too. Deal with them first before going for the boss. Stay close to the entrance as possible until the boss is defeated.

Important: If, at any point, you get defeated by the boss, you will be teleported back to the entrance of the Corrupted Harbor. Go back to the hidden valley with the Dreamcatcher equipped to get the item again. You can repeat the process as many times as needed until the boss is defeated.

Killing the boss will reward you with the Wooden Shive material. Congratulations, you are now on the last step to getting the Invader Archetype.

  • Step 10: Bring the Wooden Shive to Wallace in Ward 13.

Talk to Wallace and he will craft you the Serrated Root Blade engram. This will unlock the Invader Archetype.

Invader Archetype Details

The Invader is known for its assassin-like play style. Using your active Skills will leave behind a Decoy that draws the agro of nearby enemies. At later levels, you will be able to deal more damage to enemies that aren’t paying attention to you. Though you won’t be getting crits and weakspot bonuses like the Hunter, the Invader is a master of evasion and controlling the flow of battle. They can pick and choose when to strike enemies and that pair well with backstab builds.

Prime Perk:

  • Shadow: Casting an Invader Skill leaves a Decoy for 3s which draws enemy fire. Deal 5% additional damage to enemies not targeting Invader.

Archetype Trait:

  • Untouchable: Increase Evade Window by (3% – 30%).


  • Void Cloak: Automatically Perfect Dodge incoming direct damage for 60s. Each auto-evade reduces timer by 33% – 100% based on damage absorbed and spawns a Decoy for 3s. Cooldown: 75s.
  • Worm Hole: Warps the caster forward through space-time. The next Melee or Ranged attack within 5s will deal 300% damage. Holding the Skill button will show the targeting device. If an enemy is directly targeted, the caster will emerge behind them. Cooldown: 35s.
  • Reboot: Initiates a Data Backup of the caster’s current Health, Stamina, Relic Charges, Ammo, and Negative Status Effects, which are stored for 30s. While the Backup is active, increases Movement Speed by 15% and Damage Reduction by 10%. Reactivating the Skill restores all saved values from the Backup and spawns a Decoy which lasts 3s. Cooldown: 55s.


  • S.H.A.R.K.: Sprinting for 1s or Evading adds 1 Stack of Momentum which increases Ranged and Melee damage by 0.7% for 15s. Max 5 Stacks. Increases with Invader level.
  • Loophole: All ally Ranged and Melee damage against enemies distracted by the Invader’s Decoy grants 5% base damage as Lifesteal.
  • Circumvent: Reduce Cost of Evade and Combat Slide by 10%.
  • Override: Using a Relice reduces Threat Generation by 25% for 15s. While Override is active, the next Evade leaves an Empowered Decoy which lasts 4s.

If you’re looking to unlock the best tank or a more opposite approach than an assassin, then we recommend you unlock the Engineer or Summoner archetypes in Remnant 2. If your purpose in playing the game is to find all the secrets there are, then the Explorer Archetype is the right one for you. And for more Remnant 2 guides, check out our list of articles on the game.

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