Resident Evil 4 Remake Blacktail vs Red9

Blacktail vs Red9 Handgun Comparison in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake Blacktail vs Red9 featured

With so many pistols on Leon’s arsenal, you could be pitting the Blacktail vs Red9 against each other in the Resident Evil 4 Remake to see which one is better. Each gun has its own specialty and excels in different ways so it can come down to preference but for those who want only the best, allow us to make a suggestion. Here’s a guide that will compare the Blacktail vs the Red9 handguns to see which one is better.

Blacktail vs Red9: Which is the better handgun?

When comparing Blacktail vs Red9, the Blacktail seems more balanced when put  against the Red9, which values power. We recommend that the Blacktail is the better handgun due to its better fire rate, precision, and overall reliability.

However, the Red9 is free, and you can get it as early as Chapter 4. You’ll have to wait until Chapter 7 when you can purchase the Blacktail from the Merchant. This means that you’ll probably be investing in the Red9 much earlier than you’ll have the chance to do so with the Blacktail.

While it may seem like the Red9 is better considering the circumstances, the Blacktail is more worthwhile to invest in. It’s faster and more accurate, which are better stats to consider for handguns. It all boils down to your own mileage and whether you prefer to use pistol ammo to deliver powerful shots or more accurate ones.

The Blacktail’s accuracy makes a bigger difference, especially at longer ranges. A fully upgraded Blacktail can take out enemies with the same amount of bullets that a fully upgraded Red9 can. You have to be willing to invest some Pesetas in order to get the Blacktail fully upgraded.

Here are the stat comparisons between the two handguns:


Blacktail (MAX Lvl)

Red9 (MAX Lvl)




Reload Speed



Ammo Capacity



Rate of Fire






At Max Level, the two handguns are pretty close hand-in-hand. The Red9 has better power overall, but it lacks a bit when compared to other stats. The .30 difference in Power doesn’t really make a difference in the long run. So we’d have to say that the Blacktail is a better choice than the Red9.

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That’s our Resident Evil 4 Remake Blacktail vs Red9. We hope this guide helped you decide which handgun you want to use.

This Youtube video from FP Good Game shows the two handguns in action and how many shots it takes for them to kill enemies in the Resident Evil 4 Remake: