Samurai Warriors Series Sales Now Over 8 Million Copies Globally

The first wave of DLC for SW5 has also released.

Game company Koei Tecmo has officially announced that the total sales of Samurai Warriors series has now surpassed 8 million units worldwide.

In a recent post of the official Twitter account of Koei Tecmo America, the new record of the Samurai Warriors series surpassing 8 million sales was revealed with a new image of Samurai Warriors 5 in the background. It is somewhat to celebrate its recent release and with its success, the new milestone was achieved. No specific numbers were revealed from the new announcement though.

A while ago, the details for the SW5’s DLC Wave 1 was revealed. There will be three new playable scenarios to enjoy, and more content. This includes

Playable scenarios:

  • Oichi’s Getting Hitched
  • Battle for the Legendary Hot Springs
  • Who Is the Smartest in the Land?


  • Iron Coat
  • Silver Coat
  • Armor Coat


  • Bow “Frost Princess”
  • Odachi “Chaos Sower”
  • Talisman “Mystic Ninetails

The DLC Wave 1 is now available to download in the game.

Samurai Warriors 5 is now available on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.