Scarlet Nexus PS4 Saves Can Transfer to PS5 and Vice Versa

According to the game director, players who are playing Scarlet Nexus on one PlayStation console can transfer saves to the new-gen and vice versa.

scarlet nexus

Game Director Kenji Anabuki confirmed on his official Twitter account that players who are playing on the PS4 version can transfer their saves to the PS5 version. They can also do this the other way around if they like to.

This came up after Anabuki was asked about how the game will work on the PlayStation or Xbox consoles. He confirmed that with the Xbox side, Smart Delivery works so if players buy one version, they own the other one as well. For the PlayStation side, they can upgrade their PS4 version to PS5 for free. This is where he confirmed that save migration is possible.

After previous games had issues with migrating saves from one console to another, this one is great news.

Scarlet Nexus will be available on June 25 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.