All Merrick Journal Locations in the Lost Sands Adventure in Sea of Thieves & How to Get Them

A guide on how to locate all of Merrick's Journals in Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves Merrick's Journals cover

Part of the experience that players can have in the new Lost Sands event in Sea of Thieves is to search for all Merrick Journal locations that are scattered across the islands. These journals offer more story as to what are the motivations of the main characters of this event and what will be the fate of Golden Sands.

In this guide, we will talk about all Sea of Thieves Merrick Journal locations and where they can be found in the game.

What are Merrick’s Journals for?

Merrick’s Journals offer an insight on Merrick’s dedication to save Golden Sands and restore it back to its original glory. Collecting all the journals is also one of the Deeds of the Lost Sands adventure which rewards Renown and the Victor of the Golden Sands title when completed.

There are a total of four (4) Merrick’s Journals to be found in certain islands.

“Finding Help” Journal Location

This journal can be found in Cannon Cove, on the beach where the main dock is, on the northwestern side of the island. The journal is near the big boulder by the beach.

“Homecoming” Journal Location

This journal can be found in Golden Sands Outpost. Locate the yellow flag at the east island and you will see the journal underneath a nearby palm tree.

“Digging Up Trouble” Journal Location

This journal can be found in Smugglers’ Bay. Head to the east side of the island and look for four propped up sticks with a net hanging on them and you will see this journal.

“Setting Sail Again” Journal Location

This journal can be found in Stephen’s Spoils. Head to the seapost and as you dock, you will find the journal right by a barrel in front of Stephen’s location.

Where to find Merrick in Sea of Thieves’ Lost Sands Adventure

Currently, Merrick can be found at the Golden Sands Outpost as he leads its rebuilding efforts. He’s by the northwestern side of the island, in front of the Gold Hoarders tent. Outside adventures, he’s usually seen at Stephen’s Spoils.

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