All Sea of Thieves Lost Sands Adventure Rewards & Deeds

A guide on how to obtain all rewards in the Lost Sands adventure in Sea of Thieves.

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The Lost Sands is the fourth and newest adventure to happen in Sea of Thieves. In this adventure, players will have the chance to decide on what will be the fate of the Golden Sands Outpost as it has been shrouded by the Fog of the Damned.

In this guide, we will be talking about the all Sea of Thieves Lost Sands Adventure Rewards that can be received during the Lost Sands adventure as well as how to obtain them.

Can all Lost Sands rewards be obtained?

Yes, both the rewards for the Hunter’s Path and the Servant’s Path can be obtained as evidenced by the third adventure reward. You’ll earn three Mementos if you complete all 11 Lost Sands Adventure Deeds

All Lost Sands Adventure Rewards List

Here are the rewards, also known as mementos, that you can obtain from the Lost Sands adventure:

  • Saviour of the Golden Sands Sail: This ship cosmetic can be obtained by completing the Hunter’s Path quests.
  • The Servant’s Lantern: This cosmetic can be obtained by completing the Servant’s Path quests.
  • Victor of Golden Sands: This title can be obtained by completing all 11 Deeds in the Lost Sands adventure.
All Sea of Thieves Lost Sands Adventure Rewards

Lost Sands Adventure Deeds

The 11 Deeds are actions related to certain parts of the adventure and these deeds are distributed between the two paths. Completing all deeds will reward you with the Victor of Golden Sands title. These deeds can be tracked down via the Menu > Adventure > Deeds screen.

  • Speak with Merrick. He can be found at the Golden Sands Outpost.
  • Speak with a shadowy figure. The shadowy figure can be found at the Wanderers Refuge.
  • Deliver Tina’s Crate of Rum Bottles in perfect condition. Avoid jumping or getting hit when carrying the crate.
  • Deliver Sharon’s Crate of Sailcloth in perfect condition. Avoid getting wet by the rain or by seawater.
  • Safely destroy a stolen Soulflame Rowboat. Destroy the rowboat without letting it reach the Golden Sands Outpost.
  • Smuggle a Relic Cache. The Relic Chace can be obtained from the Reaper’s Smuggler at Twin Groves. Either deliver it to Cannon Cove or to Merrick at Golden Sands to complete this deed.
  • Destroy your Soulflame Rowboat near Golden Sands. Send the rowboat towards Golden Sands and then blow it up as it hits the beach.
  • Read one of Merrick’s journals.
  • Read all of Merrick’s journals. All Merrick’s journals can be found in:
    • Cannon Cover
    • Golden Sands
    • Smugglers’ Bay
    • Stephen’s Spoils
  • Read one of The Servant’s journals.
  • Read all of The Servant’s journals. All The Servant’s journals can be found in:
    • Cannon Cove
    • The Reaper’s Hideout
    • Twin Groves
    • Wanderers Refuge
All Sea of Thieves Lost Sands Adventure Deeds

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