Sonic Frontiers SOAP Shoes DLC – Everything We Know

A callback to the much loved Sonic Adventures 2. When times were good.

Sonic Frontiers SOAP Shoes featured

You may be excited to get your hands on the Sonic Frontier SOAP Shoes DLC. This long time footwear not being seen since Sonic Adventure 2 of which it was the inspiration for the iconic red shoes the titular talking blue hedgehog we know and love wears today. On this article, we’ll show you how to get the SOAP Shoes in Sonic Frontiers and what exactly is it.

How to Unlock the SOAP Shoes in Sonic Frontiers?

You need to sign up for the Sonic Frontiers Newsletter to get the SOAP Shoes DLC for Sonic Frontiers. This can be done for free by simply visiting their website and putting in the appropriate information. You’ll receive then a receive a code in your email that you can use to get the Sonic Frontiers SOAP Shoes.

Once you’re in the Sonic Frontiers website you’ll see the Newsletter option on the top right screen. Clicking on it will bring up a form where you have to put in important information which includes your email, date of birth, your country, and the platform you’re playing Sonic Frontiers on. Be sure that the you placed the correct platform for where you’re playing Sonic Frontiers on or else the code might not work. You’ll also have to agree to their Privacy Policy and receiving updates via email.

Newsletter Sign Up How to Unlock the SOAP Shoes in Sonic Frontiers

After signing up for the Sonic Frontiers Newsletter, they’ll send you a confirmation email. You’ll need to accept it by clicking on the link. Be sure to verify that the email is from Sonic Frontiers first.

When the confirmation email has been verified, you will then receive a code that you can use for Sonic Frontiers that will unlock the SOAP Shoes free of charge.

Sonic Frontiers SOAP Shoes Release Date

The Sonic Frontiers SOAP Shoes DLC is expected to release on January 31, 2023 which is months after the release date of the game. More details about the redeeming the code will be provided in a later date.

Sonic Frontiers SOAP Shoes Release Date

It should be noted that there is a disclaimer for the shoes to only be available in select regions. We aren’t aware as to which regions these are as of yet.

Sonic Frontiers SOAP Shoes History

The SOAP Shoes in Sonic Frontiers was last used in Sonic Adventures 2. The footwear was designed with plastic concavity liners on the soles which allowed the wearer to slide down rails which is something Sonic and Shadow did for that game.

Despite the name, they have nothing to do with cleaning products. Rather they were once used in collaboration between Sonic Adventures 2 and the newly unveiled product that launched around the same time. The Sonic Adventures 2 developers found out about the SOAP Shoes during their trip to San Francisco in 1997.

The real life SOAP Shoes was a brand that were introduced by Chris Morris of Artemis Innovations. It gained rapid popularity after its marketing with the Sonic franchise which provided the advertisement it needed to get the publics attention. Unfortunately it would be short lived as Artemis Innovations would face multiple legal vulnerabilities and was even sold twice with it becoming a subsidiary to Heelys.

Sonic Frontiers SOAP Shoes

That’s everything for the Sonic Frontiers SOAP Shoes. We hope this article was informative. For more on Sonic Frontiers, you’re already in the right place.

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