Spotlight Hour Schedule For November 2021 Pokémon Go

Piplup - Pokemon Go Spotlight hour November 2021

Trainers who want to catch specific Pokémon types have their chance this November as Pokémon Go developers, Niantic, has announced the Spotlight Hour Schedule for certain Pokémon. If you want a Piplup, Chimchar, and Turtwig on your team now’s your best chance. Learn all about the Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule for November 2021.

Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule November 2021

For one hour every week, trainers will get the chance to catch specific Pokémon under the Spotlight Hour event. Each week during the month contains different Pokémon that will have an increased chance to spawn at certain hours.

Not only do these Pokémon have increased spawn rates but they can also come with their own bonuses. If you’ve been looking for a chance to fill the missing slots of your Pokédex, then you can’t afford to miss this opportunity. Who knows, a Shiny Pokémon of a particular type might even appear?

You’ll have a good incentive to catch as many of this specific Pokémon type as you can during the Spotlight Hour as they will fill up your Pokedex and give you enough Candy to power up that specific Pokémon.

Keep note of the Spotlight Hour Schedule in Pokémon Go as they occur at different times. On this article we’ll help you learn what type of Pokémon are getting boosted spawn rates, their schedules, as well as other important information.

When Is The Next Spotlight Hour and for What Pokémon?

The next spotlight Pokémon is Piplup!


Niantic has confirmed that water-type Piplup is the focus of the upcoming Spotlight Hour. This will go live during this November 30, 2021 on Tuesday.

For a very limited time, Piplup’s spawn rate will be boosted and you’re likely to encounter it more often in the wild. At around 6PM-7PM local time, you’ll be able to catch Piplup no matter where you are in the world.

Players who participate in Pokémon Go’s Spotlight Hour this November will also be able to earn Double Catch Candy as a bonus.

Can We Catch a Shiny Piplup?

The good news is that you can also encounter Shiny Piplup in Pokémon Go. This includes its evolved version, Shiny Empoleon. Both have already debuted January 2020 on Pokémon Go’s Community Day event.

If you’re looking for a Shiny Piplup, then the Spotlight Hour is your best bet.

Pokémon Go November 2021 Spotlight Hour Schedule

Here are all the Pokémon and their Spotlight Hour schedule for November 2021 of Pokémon Go. You’re still able to catch Sableye, Pikachu, and other interesting Pokémon for this month.

Pokémon Go Spotlight Hour Schedule – November 2021





November 2

6PM - 7PM


Catch Candy x2

November 9

6PM - 7PM


Transfer Candy x2

November 16

6PM - 7PM


Catch Stardust x2

November 23

6PM - 7PM


Catch XP x2

November 26

12PM - 1PM



November 27

12PM - 1PM



November 28

12PM - 1PM



November 29

12PM - 1PM



November 30

6PM - 7PM


Catch Candy x2

As part of the Mischief Unbound event, four bonus Spotlight Hours can be enjoyed on the final week of November 2021. This means you can catch Rattata, Sableye, Pikachu, and Bedlum on lunch hours before Piplup.

What to Prepare Before Spotlight Hour?

You only have one hour to participate in the Spotlight Hour. You’re probably already aware not to waste your time during those precious minutes. Here’s what you need to prepare before the Spotlight Hour.

  • Prepare enough Poke Balls. You don’t want to run out during Spotlight Hour. You’re going to catch more than just one Spotlight Hour Pokémon.
  • Pack enough Berries to make catching Pokémon easier as well as assist you in earning Double Candy.
  • Make room in your Storage Box. You wouldn’t want to be left without room when the time comes.
  • Earn enough Pokecoins to purchase at least two Incense for the Spotlight Hour event.

The Spotlight Hour events are the perfect opportunity to not just fill up your Pokedex and capture rare Pokémon, but to also farm XP. If you have any Star Pieces or Lucky Eggs, be sure to take advantage of those during Spotlight Hour.

Spotlight Hour and Shiny Pokémon

Spotlight Hour is a time once a week (with the exception of certain events) where a specific Pokémon’s spawn rate will be boosted. Every week has its own Spotlight Hour that trainers all around the world watch out for.

The spawn rate isn’t just boosted for the normal version of that specific Pokémon, but Shiny Pokémon are also more frequently to appear if they’ve already been introduced in Pokémon Go.

If you’re a trainer who wants to fill your Pokédex with rare Pokémon, then the Spotlight Hour is an event you can’t afford to miss.

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