Pokémon GO Power Plant Event Field Research Tasks, Rewards, Spawns

Learn all about the Featured Image Pokémon GO Power Plant Event field research tasks, new Pokemon, and the Team Rocket event.

Featured Image Pokémon GO Power Plant Event

Pokémon GO Power Plant event is here and it’s bringing along new field research tasks as well as some new Pokémon to catch. Players looking to earn some awesome rewards can participate in many of the new field research tasks this event tasks you with.

In our Pokémon GO Power Plant Event Field Research Tasks, Rewards, and Spawns Guide we’ll show you all the field research tasks you’ll be doing, what its rewards are, and who the two new Pokémon you can catch are.

Pokémon GO Power Plant Event Date and Times

The Pokémon Power Plant even will start from 10 AM Local Time Wednesday, January 19 up until 10 AM Local Time Tuesday, February 1, 2022. Players will have a maximum of two weeks to be able to participate in the event to take advantage of the bonuses and the two new Electric-type Pokémon.

No matter your region, the Power Plant even will begin and end at 10 AM your local time. Considering that the event takes two weeks, you’ll have plenty of time to take part.

All Pokémon GO Power Plant Event Field Research Tasks and Rewards

While the Pokémon GO Power Plant event is going on, you’ll be tasked with doing some field research. You’re going to be needing some spinning PokéStops to get the event exclusive field research tasks. What’s great about this, is this is that it’s possible to simply save these tasks and then complete them even after the Power Plant event ends.

For the Power Plant event in Pokémon GO, you’ll have six different field research tasks to do. A few of them involve travelling quite the distance, so get ready for some exercise.

Here are the field research tasks you’re asked to complete as well as their rewards.

  • Catch 5 Electric-type Pokémon – it sounds simple enough as it is. Catch 5 of any Electric-type Pokémon roaming around. It sounds apt for the Power Plant event. You’ll be rewarded with a Electrike, Joltik, or Helioptile encounter once you’ve succeeded.
  • Throw 3 Curveball Throws – when trying to catch a Pokémon, you’ll have to make 3 attempts at a curveball throw. You’ll be rewarded with a Magnemite or Voltorb encounter.
  • Walk for a Single Kilometer – get ready for some exercise! You’ll be rewarded with an encounter from Helioptile
  • Walk for 2 Kilometers – even more exercise! You’ll be rewarded with a Trubbish and Alolan Grimer encounter.
  • Walk for 4 Kilometers – hope you’re not planning on skipping leg day! You’ll be rewarded with an Emolga encounter.
  • Take a Snapshot of Your Encounter With Any Wild Electric-Type Pokémon – since you’re going to catching Electric-Pokémon during the Power Plant event, you might as well take a snapshot at them. You’ll be rewarded with either 25 Mega Ampharos or Manectric Energy.

Of course, don’t just immediately head outside and tackle these tasks. You’ll have to first unlock them at random via spinning PokéStops while the event is going on. These specials tasks can be taken alongside the standard field research during the Power Plant event.

Pokémon GO Power Plant Spawns and New Pokémon

The main appeal of the Power Plant event are the two new Pokémon coming to Pokémon GO. Helioptile and Heliolisk will be making their first ever appearance on the game for this event. Players will get plenty of chances to catch these two Electric and Normal-type Pokémon for themselves via the Field Research Tasks above.

Helioptile and its evolved form, Heliolisk, originated from the Kalos region. They’re Gen 6 Pokémon that are finally making their debut in GO. While you can catch Helioptile as a Wild Pokémon simply by completing the field research tasks, you’ll need 50 Helioptile Candy to evolve it into Heliolisk.

Helioptile isn’t the only Pokémon going to appear in the wild. If you’re looking to add other interesting Pokémon to your collection, other Pokémon will also have an increased rate of spawning. The Power Plant event in Pokémon GO gives you the chance to also catch these:

  • Electrode
  • Electabuzz
  • Grimer
  • Jolteon
  • Magnemite
  • Trubbish
  • Porygon
Regice Pokémon Power Plant Event

Most Pokémon you can catch in the Power Plant event will be Electric-type. You’ll even be able to encounter Pikachu, Shinx, Bedlum, Blitzle, and Klink in one-star raids.

During 5-star raids, you can even have the chance to encounter Regice a powerful Legendary Pokémon. On 3-star raids, you’ll be battling against Dewgong, Monferno, Piloswine, and Druddigon.

Pokémon GO Power Plant Team Rocket Invasion

On 12 AM Local Time Monday at January 24, 2022 Team Rocket will be once again making an appearance. The nefarious organization will be making their move against PokéStops and players will see Team Rocket balloons more frequently on the skies for this period.

Team Rocket may have more on their agenda than just simply invading PokéStops. Make sure to take art in the Power Plant event and foil their plans.

And that’s everything about everything for the Pokémon GO Power Plant event. Thanks for reading our guide for this event. For more content about Pokémon, feel free to check out our other articles. We have a few that you may be interested in.

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