Star Ocean The Divine Force Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here's everything you need to know in order to get the Platinum Trophy in Star Ocean The Divine Force

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Star Ocean The Divine Force is nearly out and this is your Trophy Guide to getting a platinum trophy. It’s been quite some time since Star Ocean wowed audiences and we’re hoping that this newest entry still has some of the magic that made the older titles as memorable as they were.

Star Ocean The Divine Force Trophy Guide

Here’s the list of trophies you can expect to earn in Star Ocean The Divine Force on both PS4 and PS5. And this includes how to unlock them.


  • Divine Force: Conquered the entire Star Ocean


  • The Spirit of All Creation: Make at least 90% of all items in Item Creation


  • The Last Landing Spot: Saved the cosmos from peril
  • Newly Unemployed: Clear at least 90% of all quests
  • Battle-Worn Warrior: Complete at least 90% of the Bestiary
  • Battle God at the Table: Acquired the rank of Battle God
  • A True Final: Watched every ending
  • Queen of the Depths: Defeated the mighty Ethereal Queen
  • The Lone Angel: Defeated the all-powerful Gabriel Celeste
  • Universal Master: Beat the game at Universe Level
  • Master of Chaos: Beat the game at Chaos Level


  • Encounter with the unknown: Defeated the colossus of the Mhedume Ruins
  • The Latrimancer: Recruited Nina to join your party
  • Some kind of Welcome: Entered the village of Eda after a rough welcome
  • Great Sage Midas: Recruited Midas to join your party
  • Helgar’s Disease Revisited: Met Theo in the town of Cotto
  • Onward to the Royal City: Found Dillwhip
  • What a Rout: Surprisingly endured a crushing defeat in Baldaar
  • The immutable past: Arrived at the Ancient Coil
  • Disaster Blaster: Reunited with friends
  • A Rather Personal Battle: Laeticia said “yes”
  • On the Eve of Action: Tomorrow is the day to launch a major operation
  • Married to the Fight: Burst into the wedding and carried out the rescue
  • The Story Goes On: Allowed Emperor Bohld’or to escape
  • Traverse the Stars: Depart from Aster at last
  • Hello and Goodbye: Arrived Parrapoeiam
  • Pangalactic Rot: Peered into the darkness of the Pangalactic Federation
  • When the Curtain Rises and Falls: Basked in the light of hope
  • Character Ending 01: Raymond and Albaird thereafter
  • Character Ending 02: Raymond and Nina thereafter
  • Character Ending 03: Raymond and Midas thereafter
  • Character Ending 04: Raymond and Elena thereafter
  • Character Ending 05: Raymond and Marielle thereafter
  • Character Ending 06: Raymond and Malkya thereafter
  • Character Ending 07: Raymond and JJ thereafter
  • Character Ending 08: Laeticia and Albaird thereafter
  • Character Ending 09: Laeticia and Nina thereafter
  • Character Ending 10: Laeticia and Midas thereafter
  • Character Ending 11: Laeticia and Elena thereafter
  • Character Ending 12: Laeticia and Marielle thereafter
  • Character Ending 13: Laeticia and Theo thereafter
  • Character Ending 14: Laeticia and Malkya thereafter
  • Full of Surprises: Launched 100 Surprise Attacks
  • Pile Up Those Bones: Defeated over 3000 foes
  • Quicker than the Eye: Performed 200 Blindsides
  • Stepping Forward: Walked over 100 KM
  • Mighty Arsenal: Obtain at least 90% of all weapons
  • Treasure Detector: Opened all treasure chests in the universe
  • Bounty of Bunnies: Found every mini-bunny
  • My First Masterpiece: Use Item Creation for the first time
  • The start of Something Big: Won a game of Es’owa for the first time
  • Character Ending 15: Raymond and Laeticia, and beyond
  • Character Ending 16: Laeticia and Raymond, and beyond

Hidden Trophies

  • Encounter with the Unknown
  • The latrimancer
  • Some kind of welcome
  • Great Sage Midas
  • Helgar’s Disease Revisited
  • Onward to the Royal City
  • What a Rout
  • The Immutable Past
  • Disaster Blaster
  • A Rather Personal Battle
  • On the Eve of Action
  • Married to the Fight
  • The Story Goes On
  • Traverse the Stars
  • Hello and Goodbye
  • Pangalactic Rot
  • Where the Curtain Rises and Falls
  • The Last Landing Spot
  • Character Ending 01
  • Character Ending 02
  • Character Ending 03
  • Character Ending 04
  • Character Ending 05
  • Character Ending 06
  • Character Ending 07
  • Character Ending 08
  • Character Ending 09
  • Character Ending 10
  • Character Ending 11
  • Character Ending 12
  • Character Ending 13
  • Character Ending 14
  • The Start of Something Big
  • Battle God at the Table
  • Queen of the Depths
  • The Lone Angel
  • Universal Master
  • Master of Chaos
  • Character Ending 15
  • Character Ending 16

There are a total of 54 trophies you can obtain during the course of the game. The list consists of:

  • 1 Platinum Trophy
  • 1 Gold Trophy
  • 9 Silver Trophies
  • 43 Bronze Trophies

Star Ocean The Divine Force features trophies obtained by unlocking the various character endings of the game. And looking at these trophies, you may need to have these characters be part of your team. Or at least a close ally. It’s odd though that there is a heavier emphasis on bronze trophies. Some of them look like they should be at least Silver but depending on how easy or difficult the task is, you can make an argument for both.

There are also the Universal Master and Master of Chaos trophies that require the player to beat the game at the highest difficulty. Most likely, you’ll need a couple of complete playthroughs to get them successfully.

Also, seeing as The Spirit of All Creation trophy is Gold while the other collectible trophies are bronze makes it seem like the Item Creation will be a laborious task.

The rest of the trophies, you can earn by progressing the story. Overall, it’s your typical JRPG trophy list that’ll require a lot of grinding to get all of the trophies.

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