Star Wars Jedi Survivor Ending and Post Credits Explained

Learn how secrets unfold with our Star Wars Jedi Survivor Ending and Post Credits scenes explained. Uncover what lies ahead for Cal and his crew on Tanalorr.

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The Star Wars Jedi Survivor ending rounds up the story that Cal and his crew encountered after crash-landing on the planet Koboh. However, there are still some questions left unanswered as to what the fate of the Mantis crew will be while rebuilding in Tanalorr.

A quick summary of the events

After experiencing an unexpected turn of events during a mission to Coruscant, Cal and his crew crash landed in the long-forgotten planet of Koboh. During their efforts of making their way out of the planet, Cal discovered Dagan Gera, a Jedi who has been placed in hibernation for centuries.

Despite his origins, Dagan Gera had plans of amassing his own army in the planet of Tanalorr, one that would challenge the hold of the Empire on the galaxy. Cal has managed to put a stop to Dagan Gera’s plans after he defeated Dagan and his ally Rayvis, the leader of the Bedlam Raiders who was also sent to kill Cal. However, things took a turn when Bode, a Force-sensitive mercenary who has befriended Cal and joined the crew, betrayed Cal by stealing the compass that would point the way to the highly sought-after planet of Tanalorr.

As it turns out, Bode was actually an agent sent by the Empire to infiltrate the crew and steal the compass. But after learning why the Empire wanted to know where Tanalorr is, he decided to act against them and keep the compass to himself. He enacted a plan that will take care of shaking Cal off his tail and eliminating his employers, but this plan failed to stop Cal. Cal did manage to meet Bode’s daughter, Kata, who gave him a better understanding of Bode’s intentions.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Ending – Cal vs Bode

After losing the compass, Cal found another way to get to Tanalorr. He flew to the planet and managed to catch up to Bode. Cal attempted to persuade Bode to give up the compass with the promise that he will turn Tanalorr into a safe haven for those who run from the Empire and for Kata. Despite Cal’s pleas, Bode did not relent and he attacked Cal.

Just as when Cal and Merrin was gaining the upper hand, Bode uses his Force powers to make the structure collapse which put Kata in danger. Merrin decided to save Kata instead, leaving Cal to face Bode. Bode managed to overpower Cal, which forced Cal to tap into the dark side and retaliate. Despite getting battered, Bode still put up a fight until Cal managed to subdue Bode – or so he thought.

As Bode was bargaining his conditions to yield, he asked Cal if Cal can protect his daughter. Sensing doubts from Cal, Bode jumped on him and choked him. When Kata tried to stop her father, Bode pushed her back forcefully. Merrin tried to help, but Bode force choked her. Seeing that Merrin is in danger, Cal managed to set himself free. The two men reached for a blaster, but when Bode’s failed to shoot, Cal took the opportunity to shoot Bode twice, killing him instantly.

The scene changes to the aftermath of the fight where Merrin talked to the orphaned Kata about hers and Cal’s orphaned life, while Cal prepared the bodies of Bode, Cere, and Master Cordova for the traditional Jedi funeral. The scene then ends as the crew pay their respects to the dead, with Cal standing in place, unmoving until daybreak.

Cal then voiced out his promise of rebuilding the Jedi order to Cere, but he also expressed his fears and doubts of what is to come. Cere reaches out to him through the Force, saying “Guide her through the darkness“, suggesting that Cal should take Kata in as his protege.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Post Credits Scene

After the credits, the crew is seen realizing that they now have the planet Tanalorr as their new home and they are starting a new chapter of rebuilding their lives. Cal then handed the compass over to Kata and asked about her thoughts, suggesting that he had already talked to her about joining his crew. Kata gladly accepted and the scene transitions back to the player’s perspective to continue playing the game.

Bode’s intentions in Jedi Survivor

Having served as a Jedi agent for the Republic before the Empire took over, Bode went into hiding to avoid from getting himself executed by the Purge. But one day, an inquisitor arrived at their home looking for him, but after not being able to locate him, they decided to kill his wife. Bode managed to take his daughter to safety, but he decided to work for the Empire in exchange for his daughter’s safety.

But upon learning that the planet Tanalorr was basically a planet unreachable by the Empire due to its anomaly, Bode decided that it would be a great place for him and his daughter to hide and set up their new home. Hence, instead of handing over the compass to the Empire after stealing it from Cal, he decided to keep the compass, all for the sake of his daughter.

Bode’s fear of getting found out by the Empire took the best of him as this hindered him from trusting Cal despite having the similar goal. Seeing Cal’s doubt of being able to take care of Kata just solidified his resolve of taking the matter into his own hands and not letting anyone mess with his plans.

Is Cal turning into the dark side?

During the attempt on his life at the ISB base and the duel versus Bode, Cal has been seen to tap into the madness of the dark side to momentarily gain the upper hand. Players may also think that his cold-blooded execution of Bode is also enough proof that we might see Cal as the antagonist of the next game, if there will ever be one.

It is too early to say for certain that Cal will let himself side with the Sith since he doesn’t appear to be in much conflict with what he wants to do. Plus, with the help of Cere, he has Kata to guide which could also help him stay in line with the Code.

As for the way Cal killed Bode, considering that he already gave Bode plenty of chances to change his mind, yet he still managed to be relentless to the point that he already put Kata in danger multiple times, it’s fair to say that it was justified. Bode was already posing himself as a threat to everyone around him, even to his daughter. Cal even showed him mercy with the second shot to put him out of his misery quickly. After all of it, Cal was still remorseful for what he had to do for the sake of the greater peace and safety.

Will there be a third game?

It’s way too early for now to say that we could expect a Cal trilogy, but if there’s any hope to latch on to, it’s Cal’s story and how it connects to the continuity to the main trilogy. After all, he did cross paths with Boba Fett and Darth Vader himself, so something must have happened to our protagonist which would explain as to why he was nowhere to be seen as a major or even side character in the main timeline; something that a third game could wrap its story around.

There were also rumors of Cal jumping over to the live-action scene, and even though Cameron Monaghan, Cal’s actor, already denied this, there’s no stopping the fans from hoping to see a Cal cameo in a movie or in one of the upcoming series.

That explains the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Ending and Post Credits scenes. If you want to know how we think about the game, check out our review on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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