Starfield: The Almagest Jackpot Code Combination

Get the Starfield Almagest Jackpot for yourself by going to the Olympus system and hitting up this space casino. Some Spacers have arrived to loot the area for themselves, but if you’re prepared to fight, you can get the Almagest Jackpot code for yourself and use it to get the winnings. Here’s a guide that shows you what the Almagest Jackpot code is.

What is the Almagest Jackpot Code in Starfield?

The Almagest Jackpot code combination is 12, 19, 36, and 5 in that order. This can be found by reading an email for Clarence inside the side room with three lockpickable safes on the wall.

The price you get from inputting the code is 3,700 credits. While it isn’t a small amount, it isn’t as grandiose as you might be expecting. However, when you combine this with the loot you picked up from exploring Olympus and the army of dead Spacers you had to go through to get it, the journey is more than worth it.

The Almagest Jackpot code isn’t randomly generated, so you don’t have to worry about it being different every time. So long as you input the code above, you’ll get the prize.

How to Get the Almagest Jackpot in Starfield

You need to find the Jackpot Backend terminal to put the Almagest Jackpot code combination into. Go to the center floor with the bar and head east until you see an opening just beyond the balcony with a floating container on the lower right. You’ll find the Jackpot Backend terminal inside.

Since the Almagest doesn’t have any gravity, you can freely float around. Once you enter the opening shaft, you’ll reach some sort of server room. Enter the Almagest Jackpot code combination (12, 19, 36, 5) and you’ll get the payout.

It’s only 3,700 credits but there are other things in The Almagest that are worth looting. It’s not a large area and there are only a few enemies that patrol it making it easy pickings. There’s a good number contraband on board that are worth selling which you can find on the black crate opposite of the jackpot backend terminal. Make sure to get everything in the Manager’s Office as there are several safes that are worth more than 4,000 credits, way more than the jackpot payoff.

If you’re thorough and explore The Almagest to its fullest, you can get away as a rich man. There are over 20,000 credits worth of items you can get from looting everything valuable. It’s certainly a good way to get ahead of paying for that Dream House trait you may have picked.