Steelrising Gameplay Trailer Titans Revealed

Fight mechanical abominations and stop the chaos!

Spiders has recently shared a new Steelrising gameplay trailer during the Nacon Connect digital event revealing new content.

Streelrising Gameplay Trailer

The new Steelrising gameplay trailer gives fans a look at more Souls-like style combat, and big boss fights in the dark streets of Paris. Aegis fights against these robotic monstrosities that currently occupy those streets and hopefully bring to an end to the chaos.

Background Story

To give context to this game, Steelrising is set in an alternate Paris in 1789. King Louis has successfully suppressed the French Revolution and has an army of automatons that are ready to kill anyone who defies him. Aegis will be there to stop these horrors and finally end the madness.

Traversing and Combat

The latest trailer shows the grim setting of Paris while showcasing the Souls-like gameplay. Aegis can traverse the streets of Paris with the grappling hook and a dash mechanic that can let her jump over obstacles. Combat will be fast-paced and merciless so if Aegis dies, she will be back to the checkpoint in just seconds.

Aegis can topple down any kind of automaton monstrosities and even the biggest ones. She can be deadly and be graceful in combat at the same time as seen on the trailer.

steelrising gameplay trailer

Steelrising launches on September 8, 2022 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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