Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life: How to Romance Rock

A guide for how to get married to Rock.

Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Rock Romance featured

Rock is one of the bachelors you can romance in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. This party loving young man has a carefree nature that makes him easy to get along with. However, you’re going to need to take extra steps if you want to secure your romance with Rock and even marry him.

Use this guide to learn how to romance Rock, how to trigger his Heart Events, and the best gifts to give him.

How to Romance Rock in Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life

You can romance Rock by giving him gifts he likes and witnessing his Heart Events while picking the right responses that raise his Heart Levels. You can get Rock to agree to marry you at the end of Chapter 1 if you raise your Heart Levels enough times.

There’s no need to see all of Rock’s Heart Events in order to marry him. However, you need at least Heart Level 8 before he’ll agree to your marriage proposal. As one of the romance options, you’ll get the ability to propose to him by Day 10 of Spring, when you’ll automatically receive the Blue Feather. If you fail to propose, by Day 10 of Winter, you’ll be forced to marry someone.

You can check how much Rock likes you by opening the Resident Menu or by reading his diary, which you can find at Lei-Over Inn inside his room on the desk, which is only unlocked when he’s inside. Rock can only be romanced until the end of Chapter 1, when you’ll be forced to marry someone. If your Heart Level with Rock isn’t high enough, he won’t be eligible for marriage.

Rock Schedule

It’s important to know Rock’s schedule, as this will tell you when he’s available to interact with. Out of all the bachelors and bachelorettes, Rock wakes up the latest at 12 PM in his room over at the Lei-Over Inn. He’ll stay in his room for about an hour, and at 1 PM, he’ll go to the Forest to hang around.

Rock will make his way to the Beach at 5:30 PM. After relaxing until 8 PM, he’ll go to the Bluebird Café by taking the route past Turtle Pond. You’ll find Rock relaxing by the café until 12 AM, when he’ll finally go home. At 2 AM, he finally goes to bed.

Trigger Rock’s Heart Events

You only have until Day 10 of Winter to witness all of Rock’s Heart Events. These optional events can be triggered under the right conditions, which will help you get closer to Rock by picking the right dialogue options.

Here are how to trigger all of Rock’s Heart Events:

Rock Heart Event 1

  • Time: 10 AM to 5 PM
  • Location: Outside of Lei-Over Inn
  • Requirements: 2 Heart Levels

You see Rock attempting to convince Lumina to hang out, but to no avail. He sees you and tries his luck. Tell him that he has a lot of free time. Ask him what he wants, and Rock will offer to show you around, which earns him affection.

Rock Heart Event 2

  • Time: 1 PM to 6 PM
  • Location: Outside your farmhouse
  • Requirements: 4 Heart Levels

To trigger this event, it needs to be sunny with your dog outside, and you have to have witnessed the previous Heart Event.

Rock Heart Event 3

  • Time: 11 AM to 3 PM
  • Location: Outside your farmhouse
  • Requirements: 6 Heart Levels

To trigger this event, you need to be in the Autumn or Winter seasons, which is near the end of Year One. It also needs to be sunny outside when Rock isn’t in his room anymore. Just walk outside your farm, and you’ll find him sleeping by the benches.

Rock Heart Event 4

  • Time: 7 AM to 10 PM
  • Location: Lei-Over Inn
  • Requirements: 8 Heart Levels

To trigger this Heart Event, both Lou and Tei must be inside the inn. It should also be sunny outside, with the previous Heart Events already witnessed.

Best Gifts for Rock

Here are the best gifts you can give to Rock:

  • Wildflowers
  • Clay Figurines
  • Gold Coins
  • Herbal Soup

The best gifts to give Rock would be wildflowers like Toy Flowers, Mistmoon, and Upseed. Giving Rock his favorite gifts is the fastest way to raise your Heart Level with him.

Wildflowers aren’t the only present he’ll like. He’ll also appreciate any Clay Figurines and Gold Coins you bring over from the Dig Site. If you’re thinking of making him something, then Herbal Soup would be ideal, which will only require an Aromatic Herb to make.

Rock Romance - Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

You can give Rock as many gifts as you want, but you can’t give him the same gift twice in a single day. If you’ve been saving up a couple of Clay Figurines, for example, you’ll have to wait until the next day before he’ll accept them. With the right set of gifts, you’ll be married to Rock and even raising a kid with him by Chapter 2.