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Susurrus is the final boss of Forspoken which can only be fought when Frey chooses the ending to fight for the salvation of Athia. Susurrus’ goal is simple; to bring forth the destruction of Athia, and from its ashes build a new world for them to rule over.

Read ahead as we go through the events of the final boss fight against Susurrus while we share some tips on how to win the fight.

Spoiler warning: The stuff that you are about to see ahead will contain details that are crucial to the story's plot twist. Read with your own discretion.

Susurrus Explained

Susurrus is a creation of the Rheddig, another race that has invaded the established nations of Athia, built for the purpose of razing everything to the ground so that they can claim the land as theirs. Its power is so immense and Susurrus itself is nigh indestructible that it pushed the Tantas to sacrifice themselves in order to contain it.

Following that decision, the Tantas used their powers together to hold Susurrus down. Then, they used their bodies as vessels to contain fragments of Susurrus, which materialized as the vambraces on their arms. Even though the divided state made Susurrus weaker, its containment allowed it to get into the minds of the Tantas and corrupt them from the inside.

As the corruption takes its toll, the Tantas decided to seclude themselves in order to prevent themselves from harming their people. The people of their nations thought differently, thinking that their beloved Tantas who have always protected them have just suddenly abandoned them to die. This made the corruption of the Break spread easier throughout the land.

Out of all the Tantas, Cinta was the one who resisted Susurrus’ corruption the most, to the point that she was even able to carry and give birth to Alfre during all of it. Fearing for her child’s safety, she decided to send Alfre to her father’s world back in New York. But while she was sending Alfre through the portal, her vambrace came loose and it also got sent into New York as well.

Years have passed and Alfre, who now goes as Frey, had a chance encounter with the vambrace one night. Desperate to get money, she decided to steal the vambrace and sell it, but when she tried it on, she got transported back into Athia. The vambrace then revealed itself to have a mind of its own by talking to Frey, but it kept its intentions a secret and decided to use Frey to find the other vambraces. Frey decides to call it Cuff despite its protest.

When Frey found the final vambrace from Tanta Olas’ corpse, Susurrus took its final missing fragment and regains its true form. It also finally reveals its true intentions to Frey of finishing what it was made to do, and that is to destroy Cipal, the final bastion of hope in Athia.

How to defeat Susurrus

Susurrus’ fight begins as soon as you decide to stay in Athia to defend it. The fight has three phases.

First Phase – Susurrus Murmuration

With the help of Cinta in her corrupted dragon form, you’ll take the fight to the skies. Susurrus takes on the form of an orb with four fragments that revolve around it.

Before you can get to it, you’ll have to get through its flocks of bird minions that block the path. Use Cinta’s breath attack to destroy the flocks before they can get to you. Cinta’s breath only has a limited range, so pay attention to the attack markers and when they appear to know where you have to aim. Once the flocks are in range, you can then shoot your attack and then move your aim following the markers.

Every once in a while, Susurrus will be in range. Shoot your breath attack towards it, but still be aware whenever the flocks’ attack markers appear to prevent from getting too much damage.

Once its health bar is depleted, Susurrus will try to do its final attacks, but Frey and Cinta manage to warp away momentarily. Once they get back to the battlefield, Cinta will charge up for its beam attack; press down on the prompts to charge the meter. The attack will fail to bring down Susurrus and it does a counterattack. Cinta manages to block the attack at the cost of her own life, but not without firing a final attack.

Second Phase – Susurrus

The fight continues as a one-on-one against Susurrus. Now with the power of all four Tantas plus Frey’s, you can use all the spells that you’ve learned to deal damage to Susurrus and the adds that it summons.

You’ll also be able to use the Skip Ability which lets you turn ethereal for a few moments while still being able to traverse the battlefield. You’ll also be invulnerable during this time, so use this to avoid getting hit by attacks or avoid getting crowded by adds.

Use your AoE crowd-control attacks to easily clear out the adds once they get too many, then switch to your concentrated fire attacks whenever you get a chance to target Susurrus.

Once its health bar is down to half, Susurrus will split into three and fire out laser beams all around. Immediately take cover behind one of the rock pillars until the attack ends. Continue attacking once you get the chance and until all copies of it are defeated.

Third Phase – Susurrus Final Form

Susurrus takes on its final form which appears like a human with wings. In this form, it can use the elemental powers that are similar to the Tantas against you. The emblem on its back will change showing the emblem of the Tanta whose powers it’s wielding. Additionally, it will also be vulnerable to the same elemental spells that it’s using.

For the first part, it will be using Tanta Sila’s powers. Prepare to evade its melee attacks while trying to counter them with Red Spells.

Once Susurrus is in the air, it will switch into Tanta Prav’s powers. Switch to the Blue Spells and try to pelt it down with your ranged attacks.

When Susurrus’ health bar is less than half, it will change to using Tanta Olas’ powers. Switch to the Green Spells and continue attacking it. Once its health bar reaches around 20$, a cutscene will play. It will then regain its health back to full. You can then switch to your Purple Spells to finish it off. Be careful whenever shields appear around it as it will be followed by either a laser beam attack or an explosive blast.

Once its health is fully depleted, another cutscene will play showing Susurrus firing its final attack. Rather than getting defeated, Frey uses all of the Tantas’ powers to take all of Susurrus’ powers and use herself as a vessel, similar to what the Tantas did before. The fight then ends as Frey collapses to the ground.


One of the scenes at the end of the game shows Auden and Frey talking together. Frey then decides to journey at the other parts of Athia where the Break is still lingering to clear out the corruption. It is then revealed that the golden tattoo on her arm is Susurrus’ new seal. Frey still refers to it as Cuff as it replies that it refers to itself as “Vambrace”. The entire cutscene suggests that their adventures together will continue on, possibly on the upcoming DLC, or on a possible sequel.

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