Texas Chain Saw Massacre: How to Open All Exits in TCM

Texas Chain Saw Massacre exits cover

Texas Chain Saw Massacre gives unfortunate victims more than a few ways to escape. With three members of the cannibal family hunting them down, they’ll need to utilize every knowledge of where each exit is and how to open them to stand even a slight chance of escaping. We made this guide to help you learn how to open all exits and where they’re located in Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

How to Open All Exits in Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

Opening exits in TCM requires that you do something first before you can open it. Here’s how to open all exits in Texas Chain Saw Massacre:

Pressure Valve Exit

TCM Pressure Valve Exit

Each map has a pressure valve pump in the basement that powers multiple exits above basement level. It is missing a valve wheel, which you can find attached to pipes above basement level. Attach the wheel to the pressure pump and turn it to get all the exits open.

This exit takes quite a few steps to pull off. For starters, you need to find the pressure pump valve in the basement, which can be done by following the pipes. Then, escape upstairs and locate one of the valve wheels you need to power it. Taking the wheel will use up a slot in your inventory. After that, you need to go back into the basement and plug it into the pressure valve and interact with it to turn it on. It will take around 20 seconds before the pressure valve exits above will open.

The pressure valve exit will only be open for a limited amount of time. Members of the cannibal family can also close it early by repairing the cannister next to the exit, so you need to be quick. You can open the pressure valve exits one more time by turning the wheel again.

Fuse Box Exit and Fuse Box

TCM Fuse Box Exit and Fuse Box

In the basement there is a metal door that is locked shut. There is a fuse box upstairs that is lacking a fuse you need to find to power this metal door open. Look for a fuse, place it inside a fuse box, and then activate it. The basement fuse box exit will open for a period of time allowing you to escape.

This exit is one of the easiest to take as it doesn’t involve as many steps. First, take note of where the metal door fuse box exit is somewhere in the basement area. Then escape the basement and look for the fuse box and open it. You then have to look for a fuse located somewhere above basement level and place it in the fuse box. Finally power it on and the metal door exit in the basement will open temporarily.

The fuse box exit can be opened again after it closes. There are also multiple fuses and fuse boxes above basement level all at once. You only need to power one fuse box to open this exit. However the family can also power it down to block your exit.

Road Exit and Generator

TCM Road Exit and Generator

Located at the front of the compound is an exit that is electrified. You need to first find the generator somewhere nearby by following the cables. Once you find the generator, break it down and the power will shut off allowing you to escape.

This exit is pretty straightforward and one of the easiest to access. However it’s also easy to get caught because it’s often in an open field so you’re at huge risk if you’re spotted by the family. The generator can also be repaired by them if they notice that the power is down.

Rear Exit and Car Battery

TCM Rear Exit and Car Battery

Located at the back of the compound is an exit blocked by a gate and is electrified. There is a car battery that is powering it nearby. Follow the cable to locate it and tinker with it to turn the power off. Then use an unlock tool to open the gate and escape.

Compared to the front door exit, there’s an extra step here. You need an unlock tool to open the gate even after you’ve powered down the electrified floor. What balances it out is that it’s more forgiving to work towards this exit as it’s more covered than the front one.

How to Find Each Exit in Texas Chain Saw Massacre?

Certain perks in TCM, such as intuition, help you immediately locate the exit upon picking up a key item. It’ll be highlighted on your screen, where you can use it. After using said item, the exit opened by that item will be highlighted through the walls for you to see.

Maps in Texas Chain Saw Massacre can be a maze, which makes it extremely difficult to find where you need to go. The exits will only be highlighted temporarily, so you need to memorize their approximate location and start heading in that direction. Exits will only be open temporarily and can be closed again by the family.