Texas Chainsaw Massacre Crossplay: How to Play With Friends

Texas Chainsaw Massacre crossplay cover

Crossplay in Texas Chainsaw Massacre should be very beneficial. This asymmetrical multiplayer horror game requires that you have a full 7 player lobby to even start a match. Being available on multiple platforms, the pool of players you can matchmake would be a lot more if Texas Chainsaw Massacre does feature cross-platform play.

Is Texas Chainsaw Massacre Crossplay?

Yes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre is crossplay. However only PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S can crossplay with each other. Crossplay in completely unavailable for Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

Here’s the official guide from Sumo Digital explaining Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s crossplay:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Crossplay Between Platforms
Texas Chainsaw Massacre Crossplay Between Platforms

Crossplay in Texas Chainsaw Massacre is turned on by default. You can adjust the crossplay feature by going to the settings in the Main Menu to either enable or disable it. This will decide if you can connect and play with players from other platforms.

Considering that you need a full lobby to start the game, it was in Sumo Digital’s incentive to work on crossplay features for Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The moment you matchmake for a game, you’ll be able to play with other players on different platforms that the game is available on. Console players will need either PS Plus or Xbox Live to access the game’s multiplayer features however.

How to Play With Friends in Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

To play with your friends, you can create a private lobby and invite them to join. Or matchmake with strangers online with your friends by inviting them to your party from the Main Menu.

Because Texas Chainsaw Massacre is crossplay, the game’s multiplayer works by inviting others via a code. Create a party from the Main Menu and the game will generate a code for you which you can see on screen. You can then give that code to other players who you can use it to join your party. Once they’re in your party, you can matchmake with players online.

You actually need to form a party before you can create a lobby for a custom match. You’ll need at least four players to start a lobby. If you have anyone extra, they can join via the Join Lobby option under Private in Play. Your lobby will have its own code that you can give to players outside of your party to join.

If, by any chance, you want to play alone, you can check out our guide to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre single-player.

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