Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Characters Tier List

Texas Chainsaw Massacre game characters cover

When it comes to a game about survival, certain characters in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre are more capable than others. Each individual character in the game has their own unique ability and stats that set them apart from each other. We made this tier list to show you who we think are the best characters in Texas Chainsaw Massacre to play as.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game is split between the family and their victims. Players can take part as multiple characters from either the infamous pop culture cannibals or the unfortunate souls captured by them. Here’s our tier list for the best characters in Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Character Tier List




Cook, Julie, Johnny


Hitchhiker, Ana, Leland, Connie


Leatherface, Sonny, Sissy

S-Tier Characters

  • Cook
  • Julie
  • Johnny

The Cook’s ability to listen an and track the victims moving around is almost as good as grandpa’s. There are limitations but he can quickly find other victims where other members of the family are having some trouble.

Julie is the fastest of the victims which you can already imagine is the best one to help distract the killers while her team works towards escaping. It does take a bit of strategy to play as her because one wrong move and she could find herself in a dead end.

Johnny is ferocious and is probably the best killer to use when you want to solely hunt down victims. He can track injured victims with his special ability, ensuring there’s no escape. Just let the other members of the family focus on feeding Grandpa.

A-Tier Characters

  • Hitchhiker
  • Ana
  • Sonny
  • Connie

Hitchhiker is equivalent to a trapper and in Texas Chainsaw Massacre this could mean the whole game. He can trap very important areas where unfortunate victims who don’t watch where they’re stepping can find themselves in very deep trouble. If a victim gets caught in his trap with one of the family nearby, it’s almost always a guaranteed game over for them.

Ana is the toughest out of all the victims. Her ability to withstand attacks can keep her alive where others would’ve perished. To add to that, her special ability lets her minimize incoming damage which is extremely useful when making a mad dash to safety.

You can consider Sonny to be the victim counterpart of the Cook. They’re both rather fragile and don’t do as good in combat scenarios but Sonny can also keep track of where the family are. If one of them is nearby and potentially waiting for you to make a mistake, Sonny can avoid a fatal confrontation by utilizing this ability.

Connie doesn’t really excel in any area except her special ability is very noteworthy. She can break down locks instantly which saves her team some time. With the right usage, Connie can create shortcuts for the other victims potentially giving you an easier way out.

B-Tier Characters

  • Leatherface
  • Leland
  • Sissy

Despite being the iconic face of the franchise, Leatherface is surprisingly difficult to play as. His loud chainsaw is intimidating but it also alerts nearby victims and he can’t really do much unless you rev it up. His larger frame also means he can’t move through gaps and crawlspaces which makes him easy to escape. Leatherface is still very fun to play as and someone is required to play as him in order to start a match.

Leland is the strongest out of the survivors and the only one capable of fighting back without a weapon. However he can only push other members of the family down momentarily. This means that he’s good for supporting teammates but not really working towards escaping itself.

Sissy doesn’t have the same weaknesses as Leatherface but compared to the other members of the Family, there’s no real perks to playing as her. Her toxic gas that she exhales isn’t helpful in identifying where the victims are hiding and she’s easily overpowered in a struggle.