The Dark Pictures: Little Hope to Officially Launch on October

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope

Supermassive Games Series Director and Executive Producer Pete Samuels recently revealed the official release date of upcoming horror video game The Dark Pictures: Little Hope.

Little Hope will be launching this coming Oct. 30 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of standalone cinematic horror games, each featuring a brand-new story, setting and characters. Each game is playable in single player or in two multiplayer modes – two-player online Shared Story mode and up to 5-player couch co-op Movie Night mode.

Players are advised to make their choices wisely because just like in Man of Medan, anybody can die as a consequence of what they chose.

Samuels describes the setting and story here:

Abandoned and all alone after their bus crashes in bad weather, four college students and their teacher become stranded in the isolated town of Little Hope. Trapped by a mysterious fog, they search desperately for a means of escape whilst terrifying visions from the past haunt them from the shadows. After bearing witness to the town’s gruesome past, and the terrible events of 17th Century Witch trials, hellish beings pursue them relentlessly. Trapped in Little Hope they try to figure out the motivation of these demonic apparitions before the evil forces at work drags each of their souls to hell!

Samuels revealed that for this game, the cinematic and literary inspiration that the development team used were The Witch, Season of the Witch, and Blair Witch. There are also other strong influences like Hellraiser, Hellbound Heart, and other works by Barker.

The producer is happy to announce that Will Poulter will be leading the talented cast of the upcoming game. According to Samuels, he really brought the character of Andrew to life since he is a fantastic actor.

The team has been focusing on improved features based on feedback from the Dark Pictures community. They have now included context-sensitive icons for interacting with objects in the world and QTE alerts that will tell players when one is coming and the action they need to perform. A floating camera was also added in some parts of the game, which allows players to fully control the view. There is also a wider range of walk-speeds for the characters now.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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